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Recruitable Monsters

In FFXIII-2 the third party member in your paradigms is a monster that you must recruit from the myriad that you fight over the course of the game. Not every monster is recruitable (notably C'eith), but the greater portion are. As you progress you'll get the opportunity to upgrade your monsters using monster materials of various grades and you can also infuse them with abilities and passive abilities from other monsters. Should you choose to infuse a monster, you can usually re-recruit that monster by hunting them down again. Note that there are a few special exceptions to this rule.

The purpose of this section is to give you tips on what monsters you should go for at each stage of the game based on difficulty. We also give you a list of the various monster materials you will need and were you can look to farm them. We'll also give you tips on what abilities you should look for to best beef up your favored monsters with new abilities. Finally we give a comprehensive list of all recruitable monsters, their max stats based on use of Potent materials, their max Crystarium level, where you can find them, and what their Feral Link abilities are.

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