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Final Fantasy XIII: Fabula Nova Crystallis

Fabula Nova Crystallis (meaning the New Tale of the Crystal in Latin) is an upcoming collection of games spanning three platforms. In addition to Final Fantasy 13 (XBox 360 & PS3) Square-Enix will be releasing two other games - Final Fantasy vs 13 and Final Fantasy Agito 13. None of these games is a sequel of another, they are three seperate games set in the same universe and sharing a common mythology - Crystals. As of right now these three games are the only games in the Fabula Nova Crystallis collection but it's possible they will expand the collection to more games.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Final Fantasy Versus 13 will be an action RPG and is under the direction ot Tetsuya Nomura and the team responsible for Kingdom Hearts. Set in a sleek modern city based on actual cities in Japan, Versus features main character Noctis Lucis Caelum. Noctis is the last remaining heir to a dynasty and its isolated city-state that controls the only remaining Crystal. Most of the plot of this game remains under wraps but it will clearly be the darkest Final Fantasy to date. Noctis (whose name in Latin means "Light of the Night Sky") is a stark contrast to other Final Fantasy male leads - cold, aloof, and perhaps a little shy.


Final Fantasy Versus 13 Content Forthcoming

Final Fantasy Agito XIII

Final Fantasy Agito 13 (Agito being latin for "to put into motion") is the PSP installment of the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation. This game takes place in a magic school called Akademeia and the world around it. It has been revealed that Agito has a connection to the l'Cie we've seen mentioned in Final Fantasy 13 proper. In a trailer released at a Square-Enix closed door party it was revealed that a militiaristic nation is gradually conquering the nations around it. They encounter an isolated kingdom protected by, you guessed it, a Crystal. When the crystal shatters the kingdom becomes vulnerable to attack.

Agito's battle system is supposed to be similar to FF7: Crisis Core but features an ATB system. It is also supposed to have an online multiplayer feature but will not be mass-multiplayer.


Final Fantasy Agito 13 Not Covered

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