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Below are the current site staff openings for Final Fantasy Exodus.

Job Description
News writer We're looking for three news writers. A News Writer gathers and collects news for all games or game related events and puts it together in an article submitted as a news entry.
Philosopher's Guild We're looking for three Guild writers. The Philosopher's Guild is a section for editorials about FF related topics. This includes Mythology or any interesting aspects of the FF Series.
Head of Comics We are looking for one person to be the head of the Comics Section. The Comic head will be responsible for receiving entries from all submitters and selectively display those chosen for the section.

Interested in applying for any of these jobs? Send us an email at site @ with the following:

I want to apply for:
Reason for applying:
Contact info -
   MSN/AIM/Yahoo IM:

If you apply for New Writer, please include a sample of your writing in news article format.
If you apply for the Philosopher's Guild, please include a sample of your writing in essay format.

If you have any questions regarding these site openings, feel free to email us at site @ You can also always email us about a spot that's not currently open, but we can't guarantee you any jobs.

Final Fantasy Exodus is a non-profit web site and does not pay any staff members.
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Feel free to check it out for content and info regarding FFXIV.

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