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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy 7, perhaps one of the most beloved Final Fantasies of all time, has been built upon in the following collection of games in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the original. The sequels and prequels include games spanning three consoles, a full-length CG Film and an OVA.

The past is just the past . . . or is it?

In a time before the dark days at Nibelheim a SOLDIER from Shinra named Zack Fair struggles to earn his First Class rank. Along with his mentor, Angeal, Zack is sent on a mission that brings him into contact with the soon-to-be hero, Sephiroth. This mission sets in motion a series of events that will change Zack's life and rock the very foundations of the world.

The truth behind the darkness, deceit, and tragedy that shaped the classic Final Fantasy VII is revealed in this long-awaited prequel. New faces mingle with the favorite characters we cherish, bringing the past to life. It all comes down to what brough Zack, Cloud, and Sephiroth together in that fateful clash that ended a life, altered a memory, and unleashed a demon of destruction.

PSP - Japan: Sept. 13, 2007; US: March 25, 2008

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Sometime after the events of FF7:Advent Children a mysterious band of raiders starts attacking towns. This group is known as the Deep Ground Soldiers. Apparently they went to ground when Meteor threatened the world and they've only just resurfaced. The dark and deadly gunman Vincent Valentine will end up taking part in world events yet again. It's uncertain how he will get involved but we do know he won't be alone. The gunman will be joined by some of his comrades from the FF7 Saga.

PS1 - Japan: Jan. 26, 2006; US: Aug. 15, 2006; Europe: Nov. 17, 2006

Final Fantasy 7: Dirge of Cerberus Not Covered

Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis

Before Crisis is a mobile phone game released exclusively in Japan. Spanning the six years leading up to the beginning of Final Fantasy 7 proper, it covers the conflict between Shinra's Turks and the organization AVALANCHE following the conclusion of Shinra's war with Wutai. The game was subscription based and released in 24 installments with the last installment released at the same time as FF7: Crisis Core.

Mobile Phone (DoCoMo) - Japan: September 24, 2004; Mobile Phone (Softbank) - Japan: January 30, 2007

Final Fantasy 7: Before Crisis Not Covered

Final Fantasy VII: Snowboarding

As part of the FF7 Compilation Square-Enix released a remake of the classic FF7 Snowboarding minigame for the mobile phone. It was made available for V-Cast compatible phones.

Mobile Phone (V-Cast) - Japan & US: 2005

Final Fantasy 7: Snowboarding Not Covered

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