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The Prima Vista (airship)

After the opening sequence you’ll have control of Zidane. Before he lights the candle make sure you check the upper right and left corners for some gil and a potion. Now light the candle in the center of the room and confirm your name. After the rest of the crew enters the room you’ll be attacked by Baku in a mask. Have Cinna steal from Baku and have everybody else attack. You should be able to beat him quickly. Now listen to Baku’s plan and answer his question. If for some reason you choose to answer Baku with the Queen Brahne option 70 times in a row Ruby will come in and say how stubborn Zidane is. After answering the question correctly you’ll be rewarded with another cinema.


Items: 7 potions, Phoenix Pinion, Ether, Eye Drops, Tent, Remedy
Cards: 3 Fang, Zombie, 3 Goblin, 2 Bomb, Ironite, Flan, Skeleton, Lizard Man, Sahagin

You’ll now have control of Vivi. After the girl hands your ticket back turn around and go to the courtyard entrance to Alexandria. In the middle there will be a statue and two nobles. Search around the statue to get a potion and a Lizard Man card. Now circle around the perimeter of the area to get a Zombie card and a Sahagin card. When you’re done here return to the screen you started on.

You’ll want to search every nook and cranny of the town because items and gil are hidden everywhere. To the right of where Vivi started is Grandma’s house. You can find a Potion, a Fang Card and 9 gil. Back on the main screen you’ll want to search by the house on the left for a Potion.

On the next screen you’ll encounter some Treno nobles. When they’ve left search the bottom of the screen for a Goblin Card and 33 gil. At the top of the screen enter the tavern. In here you’ll find a Flan Card, a Potion, and 27 gil.

Proceed to the next screen. First talk to Mick, the guy on the left side of the area. He’ll tell Vivi to take his ticket to the Ticketmaster. Before leaving the area enter Doug’s Item shop in the upper right part of the screen. You should find 38 gil here and you can also stock up on a few items while you’re here (of particular helpfulness are Eye Drops – you’ll be wanting them in a short while).

Now, the next area is the Main Square. Before you visit the Ticketmaster there are some things of interest to check out. On the right side of the screen are the Synthesis shop and the Weapons shop. You can’t buy anything yet but there are a few items to pick up. In the Synthesis Shop you’ll find an Ether near the counter and by the arrow sign in the Weapons Shop is a Remedy. Back in the Main Square on the left of the screen are some girls jump-roping. You can join in and get some good items if you are skilled enough. The prizes are as follows:

20 jumps 10 gil
50 jumps Cactuar Card
100 jumps Genji Card
200 jumps Alexandria Card
300 jumps Tiger Racket Card
1000 jumps Key Item "King of Jump Ropes"

When you’re ready go ahead and talk to the Ticketmaster. You’ll have the option to ask about various things Alexandria related. When you’re done chatting show him your Ticket. Unfortunately he lets you know you’ve got a fake ticket. He feels bad for you and gives you Goblin, Fang, and Skeleton cards as consolation. He’ll also tell you about a man called Alleyway Jack who’ll be able to tell you how to play the card game.

Now, head to the exit at the left edge of the screen. You’ll be in an alleyway (where you can encounter Alleyway Jack, but beware, if you don’t talk to him he will mug you). A man is working on fixing a sign here. Walk forward and Vivi will trip, causing the sign to fall again. After a bit of frustration the man finishes fixing the sign and calls it quits for the day. A rat-boy named Puck will show up and offer to get Vivi into see the play if he’ll be Puck’s slave for the day. You’ll want to refuse him for right now. Head back to the Main Square. At the top of the area will be a hippopotamus boy named Hippaul. He’ll tell you about his secret card stash which we’ll be finding shortly.

Head back through the alleyway and into the next area. When the little girl runs out of her house you can go inside and check the stove for Eye Drops and head upstairs to find 3 gil. Now head into the bell tower. Check the perimeter for a Tend and a Potion, and then climb to the top. Pull the bell and you’ll get Hippaul’s card stash of a Goblin card, a Bomb card, and an Ironite card.

Now, if you want to perform a good deed find the boy on the docks who’s lost his cat. Then head all the way back to the circular courtyard where you’ll find Mittens. Talk to the cat and you’ll reunite it with its owner. Go back and talk with the boy by the docks and he’ll give you a Bomb Card for saving his cat. Having done your good deed for the day you’re ready to continue with the game.

Go find Puck in the alleyway and agree to be his slave. Follow him to the bell tower and you’ll meet your first Moogles, Kupo and Stiltzkin. You can save your game with Kupo and he’ll also have a letter for Monty he’d like you to deliver. When you’re ready follow Puck up the ladder and onto the roofs. As you follow Puck along the rooftops it’s a good idea to check every chimney for spare gil.


When you get Vivi to the other side of the rooftops you’ll switch back to being Zidane who’s at the heart of the play that’s beginning. You’ll have a little fight here with Baku and the Nero brothers. Also your characters are stocked with SFX – special effects that look cool but cause no damage. First take out the Nero brothers and then concentrate on Baku. After this you’ll have a dramatic stage-fight between Zidane and Blank. Blank will give you commands to follow. You’ll want to push the buttons accurately and quickly if you want to impress the nobles. You can try this fight as many times as you want but to get the items and more gil you’ll need to do it on your first try. If you impress 100 nobles and the Queen on your first try you’ll get up to 10,000 gil.

Alexandria Castle

Items: Phoenix Pinion, 2 Phoenix Down, Elixer

After a short cut-scene following the fight you will need to find Princess Garnet. This is easy – head upstairs and you’ll run into her. She’ll run off and you’ll get another scene.

Now you’ll have control of Steiner and you’ll need to gather the Knights of Pluto. If you want to collect your prize from the earlier fight scene go talk to Queen Brahne. The prizes are as follows depending on how many nobles were impressed:

1-49 impressed Ether
50-79 impressed Elixer
80-99 impressed Silk Shirt
100 impressed Moonstone

When ready head to the screen to the right of where you tried to assemble the Knights. Go into the room – this is the guard house. Talk to these knights to get them moving. You’ve now found Blutzen and Kohel. Search the room for a Phoenix Down and save your game with Mosh the moogle.

Head back out and go to the balcony area. There will be two of Beatrix’s soldiers and a Knight of Pluto running around – this is Dojebon. Once you’ve got him head to the exit on the right side of the balcony. Here you’ll find Mullenkedheim. Now head down the stairs. At the base of the stairs to either side of the screen are sections of the library. You can check out the books here but beware any that talk to you (Hint: there is a hidden boss here that will definitely kill you so avoid it). In the left section near the lower left bookshelf is Laudo.

Exit the main part of the castle and go down to the riverside. Here you’ll find Haagen sitting on the bank. Make sure to scour the area for items. To the right of this area you’ll find a Knight of Pluto guarding this entrance. To the left you’ll find Weimar chatting it up with an Alexandrian soldier. Set him to work and go inside. You can’t go through the door to the left so continue through to the staircase. Part of the way up you’ll encounter Breireicht climbing the tower. He’ll tell you about each of the knights you’ve found so far and give you an Elixir if you’ve found them all. You’ll want to make a note of each of the guards personality traits for future use:

Blutzen Super-sleuth
Kohel Super-sleuth
Weimar Ladies man
Laudo Inspirational writer
Dojebon Alexandria's best artillerist
Haagen Neighborhood navigator
Mullenkedheim Cannonball racer
Breireicht Older, Knows all the knights

Now head up the stairs for another cinema.

After this you’re back with Zidane and you’ll need to follow Garnet through the Prima Vista. Garnet will be detained shortly by Ruby but she escapes again. When you finally catch up to Garnet she reveals her true identity and her desire to be kidnapped – Zidane happily agrees to kidnap her. When you regain control of Zidane go through the door between Cinna and Garnet. You’ll begin a series of battles with Steiner in various locations.

This first battle with Steiner takes place in the hold. Have Blank and Zidane attack Steiner but make Cinna steal every turn. Steiner has a Leather Hat and Silk Shirt to steal. His HP for this first battle is 169.

The next battle takes plase on-stage with Zidane, Marcus, Garnet, and Vivi. Have Garnet heal when needed, use Vivi’s fire ability, and have Zidane and Marcus use physical attacks. The HP for this battle is 162.

The last battle is again on-stage with the same crew, but this time Steiner has a huge bomb behind him with 1867 HP (Note, you don’t want to actually hit the bomb). Use the same tactics as before attacking Steiner, who’s HP this last time is 167.

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