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Hunt Missions

The most lengthy sidequest in FF13 is the Hunt Missions. These are accessible once you reach the Archylte Steppe in Chapter 11. You activate a hunt by touching a Cie'th Stone. While during your first visit the D and C rank hunts should be achievable, the higher ranks are much more difficult and would be best to wait until after the end game. A good recommendation is to complete all the Cie'th stones till you activate all the teleport Cie'th stones. This makes it much easier to get around once the main story arch is completed. The transporting stones are colored orange on the map for easy identification. Most require a set of completed hunts before becoming available.

For easier referencing the Hunt missions layout is by numerical order. Depending on the party strength the tactics we provide may be necessary or the characters are strong enough that brute force can replace strategy.

Missions 1-8
Missions 9-16
Missions 17-24
Missions 25-32
Missions 33-40
Missions 41-48
Missions 49-56
Missions 57-64


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