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To begin with, there are some components in the game that are meant purely for cash. It is possible to use them on weapons and accessories but they are wasted that way. These gil components are: Credit Chip, Incentive Chip, Cactuar Doll, Moogle Puppet, Tonberry Figurine, Plush Chocobo, Gold Dust, Gold Nugget, and Platinum Ingot. A few of the organic components are similar in that they are better for selling than using. These are: All the Seeds, all the dews, all the fruits, Green Needle, Perfume, Gloomstalk, and Sunpetal.

Another type of component are the Catalysts. These are used when a weapon or accessory has reached the level * (star) and are ready to be transformed into a new item. The 3 most expensive of these are sold at the R&D Depot. These are: Trapezohedron (used for highest grade weapons for each character), Dark Matter, and Adamantite. The rest of the catysts can be bought at The Motherlode. These are: Millerite, Rhodochrosite, Cobaltite, Perovskite, Uraninite, Mnar Stone, and Scarletite.

Now for the majority of components. Components are used to upgrade accessories and weapons. The components table is separated into five sections. The first is the name of the component. The second is the EXP value of the component. The EXP value is the number that one of the component will add when used to upgrade. The best components to increase EXP value compared to their buy price are: Ultracompact Reactor, Supercharger, Particle Accelerator, Turboprop, Superconductor, Perfect Conductor, Chobham Armor, Bomb Core, and Tesla Turbine.

The third value of the components table is Multiplicity. Multiplicity is the multiplier value. There is a hidden value that once it peaks a certain number you will gain 1.5 to 3 times effect on upgrading components EXP. The best components for increasing the multiplier in comparison to buy price are: Sturdy Bone, Barbed Tail, Vibrant Ooze, Otherworldly Bone, Diabolic Tail, and Transparent Ooze.

The following table shows how the multiplier value adds up to the Exp bonus.
Multiplier ValueExp Bonus

Rank, the fourth table attribute, indicates how high a weapon must be before the component may be used and availability indicates where you can buy an item. If the location is blank then the item is rare.

Organic Components

The first table consists of the organic components. The multipliers will all be positive. The only purchasable items are located at Creature Comforts or R&D Depot. The other locations are monsters or minigames. Any location that is a dash can only be found by alternative means, example: treasure chest.
Begrimed Claw441Kaiser Behemoth
Beastial Claw11103Creature Comforts
Gargantuan Claw24155Creature Comforts
Hellish Talon42247Kaiser Behemoth
Shattered Bone482Yaksha
Sturdy Bone12144Creature Comforts
Otherworldly Bone24215Creature Comforts
Ancient Bone43318Yaksha
Moistened Scale351Sahagin
Seapetal Scale11113Sahagin
Abyssal Scale23165Orobon
Seaking's Beard40257Dagonite
Segmented Carapace472Navidon
Iron Shell13134Creature Comforts
Armored Shell26206Creature Comforts
Regenerating Carapace47308Gurangatch
Chipped Fang472Gorgonopsid
Wicked Fang13134Creature Comforts
Monstrous Fang26206Creature Comforts
Sinister Fang47308Uridimmu
Severed Wing361Amphisbaema
Scaled Wing10133Crature Comforts
Abominable Wing21175Creature Comforts
Menacing Wings37267Zimitra
Multed Tail482Triffid
Barbed Tail12144Creature Comforts
Diabolic Tail24216Creature Comforts
Entrancing Tail43318Mushussu
Torn Leather351Adroa
Thickened Hide11113Creature Comforts
Smooth Hide23165Creature Comforts
Supple Leather40257Adroa
Gummy Oil562Alraune
Fragrant Oil14134Creature Comforts
Medicinal Oil29196Creature Comforts
Esoteric Oil47298Alraune
Scraggly Wool271Sheep
Rough Wool9133Sheep
Thick Wool19185Sheep
Fluffy Wool33277Sheep
Murky Ooze482Flan
Vibrant Ooze12144Creature Comforts
Transparent Ooze24216Creature Comforts
Wonder Jell49318Ectopudding
Fractured Horn361Goblin
Spined Horn10123Munchkin
Fiendish Horn21175Goblin
Infernal Horn37267Borgbear
Strange Fluid562Ceratosaur
Enigmatic Fluid14124Creature Comforts
Mysterious Fluid29196Crature Comforts
Ineffable Fluid43298Ceratosaur
Cie'th Tear6102Seeker
Tear of Frustration12144Pijavica
Tear of Remorse24246Seeker
Tear of Woe49408Vampire
Red Mycelium6102-
Blue Mycelium22215-
White Mycelium48347-
Black Mycelium84518-
Dawnlight Dew12312Chocobo
Dusklight Dew28423Chocobo
Moonblossom Seed73553Bandersnatch
Starblossom Seed230916Bandersnatch
Chocobo Plume7343Chocobo
Chocobo Tail Feather29585Chocobo
Succulent Fruit10556-
Malodorous Fruit7213-
Green Needle601007R&D Depot

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Mechanical Components

Mechanical Components are best for increasing exp/level of accessories and weapons. The multipliers are all negative so they are best used when the multiplier is maxed out to 3x by organic components and then using a large number of a single mechanical component.
Insulated Cabling 65 18 3 Lenora's Garage
Fiber-optic Cable 216 49 6 Lenora's Garage
Liquid Crystal Lens 70 19 3 Lenora's Garage
Ring Joint 208 50 6 Lenora's Garage
Epicyclic Gear 66 20 3 Lenora's Garage
Crankshaft 215 47 6 Lenora's Garage
Electrolytic Capacitor 68 20 3 Bulwarker
Flywheel 204 48 6 -
Sprocket 71 21 3 -
Actuator 220 46 6 -
Spark Plug 62 18 3 Pulsework Gladiator
Iridium Plug 102 48 6 -
Needle Valve 70 21 3 Boxed Phalanx
Butterfly Valve 232 50 6 Ambling Bellows
Bomb Ashes 37 8 2 Cryohedron
Bomb Fragment 82 27 4 Lenora's Garage
Bomb Shell 206 53 6 Circuitron
Bomb Core 551 78 8 Crohedron
Analog Circuit 40 9 2 Hoplite
Digital Circuit 89 21 4 Aquila Velocycle
Gyroscope 149 34 5 Megrim Thresher
Electrode 434 56 7 Vernal Harvester
Ceramic Armor 147 35 5 Lenora's Garage
Chobham Armor 460 54 7 Bulwarker
Radial Bearing 64 20 3 Lenora's Garage
Thrust Bearing 200 48 6 Pulsework Gladiator
Solenoid 220 47 6 Hoplite
Mobius Coil 627 81 8 Vernal Harvester
Tungsten Tube 192 53 6 Juggernaut
Titanium Tube 565 84 8 -
Passive Detector 188 54 6 Lenora's Garage
Active Detector 582 82 8 Pulsework Centurion
Transformer 42 9 2 Tyrant
Amplifier 108 28 4 Lenora's Garage
Carburetor 274 55 6 Immortal
Supercharger 774 82 8 -
Piezoelectric Element 310 50 6 Lenora's Garage
Crystal Oscillator 845 79 8 Megrim Thresher
Paraffin Oil 67 20 3 Lenora's Garage
Silicone Oil 152 32 5 Lenora's Garage
Synthetic Muscle 222 49 6 -
Turbobprop 768 85 8 -
Turbojet 212 46 6 Lenora's Garage
Tesla Turbine 823 79 8 Anavatapta Warmech
Polymer Emulsion 48 18 2 Lenora's Garage
Ferroelectric Film 102 37 4 Lenora's Garage
Superconductor 400 59 6 Lenora's Garage
Perfect Conductor 751 83 8 Lenora's Garage
Particle Accelerator 4800 87 7 R&D Depot
Ultracompact Reactor 40000 100 11 R&D Depot

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