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Madain Sari

Items: Libra Stellazio, Tent, Ore, Phoenix Pinion, Kirman Coffee.

Upon entering the ruined village Eiko introduces you to her slew of moogles. After the scene with Eiko and the ATE with Vivi search by the fountain to find the Libra Stellazio. There’s also a chest with a Tent behind Dagger. Now go right.

After the ATE talk to Moco. Quina will make an appearance. Now go back to the fountain area. You’ll get another ATE. In making assignments have Mocha go fishing, Momatose get water, and Chimomo dig up potatoes.

After the ATE go left. After talking to Vivi try entering the house. Morrison stops you and decides to take you to see the Eidolon Wall. Go grab Dagger and head to where you saw Quina. Along the way you’ll get an Eiko’s Kitchen ATE. You’ll need to cook for 11 people. Also, don’t put in the oglop.

When you get to the entrance talk to Morrison to start the scene. When you get control of Zidane again head back to Eiko’s house.

After dinner get the Ore out of the chest and the Phoenix Pinion on the other side. Then take the pot to the kitchen. Give it to Eiko. When you get control of Zidane again search by where Momatose was in the earlier ATE to find the Kirman Coffee. Talk to Eiko again. When she starts repeating herself go back to the other room. Then head outside the house. Take up Momatose’s offer to sleep. In the morning you’ll end up outside of town. If you’re low on items you can go back and buy from Morrison’s shop. He also sells some weaponry. Next step – head for the Iifa tree.

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