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Gate Seals

Key Items


Map of New Bodhum Tresure Sphere in New Bodhum 003AF 100% of 003AF & 700AF
Map of the Bresha Ruins Given by Alyssa in Bresha Ruins 005AF Explore 005AF, 300AF, 100AF for 100%
Map of the Yaschas Massif Given by NPC at the entrance in Yaschas Massif 010AF Explore 010AF, 01XAF, 110AF, 100AF for 100%
Map of Oerba Treasure Sphere in Oerba 200AF 100% available only in 400AF
Map of Sunleth Waterscape Given by Snow in Sunleth Waterscape 300AF 100% available in either 300AF or 400AF
Map of the Steppe Given by Tipur at Nomad Camp entrance in Archylte Steppe ???AF 100% of Steppe ???AF INCLUDING Yomi Platform (via Chocobo)
Map of the Coliseum Treasure Sphere at entrance of Coliseum ???AF 100% of Coliseum space at story visit
Map of Serendipity Given by NPC at entrance in Serendipity ???AF 100% available at any time
Map of Academia Examine terminal near Miss Horizon in the Alley in 400AF 100% of 4XXAF & 500AF
Map of Augusta Tower Given automatically in 200AF 100% of 200AF & 300AF INCLUDING 49th Floor & 13th Floor
Map of the Vile Peaks Given when you accept Honor of Blitz Squad side quest in 200AF Explore 200AF & 010AF for 100%
Map of A Dying World 700AF In a Moogle Hunt Treasure Sphere in Farseer's Settlement 100% available upon return to 700AF after initial story visit
Map of New Bodhum 700AF Treasure Sphere just inside entrance to town square 100% of 003AF & 700AF
Map of Academia 500AF Treasure Sphere on platform to the left of first center platform beyond initial entrance platform 100% of 4XXAF & 500AF
Map of the Void Beyond Treasure Sphere near Spacetime Distortion on first visit Explore ALL incarnations of Void Beyond for 100%

Gate Seals

'Leaving Gate Seal' Bresha Ruins 005AF - Bottom left of Excavation Site New Bodhum 003AF
'Scars' Gate Seal Yaschas Massif 010AF - Top center of the Pass of Padra near Chocolina Bresha Ruins 005AF
'Visions' Gate Seal Oerba 200AF - Inside the house in the Village Proper Yaschas Massif 010AF
'The Fall' Gate Seal Serendipity - Alcove north of the Mystic Chamber in Temptation Plaza Yaschas Massif 01XAF
'Encounters' Gate Seal Yaschas Massif 01XAF - Far east path of the Pass of Padra Oerba 200AF
'Farewells' Gate Seal Academia 400AF - In the room with Chocolina & Miss Horizon Sunleth Waterscape 300AF
'The Calm' Gate Seal The Void Beyond - Moogle Throw box to the top left of the Throne of the Goddess Archylte Steppe ???AF
'Prediction' Gate Seal The Void Beyond - Moogle Throw box to the bottom left of the Throne of the Goddess Coliseum
'Flight' Gate Seal Oerba 300AF - Moogle Throw box on the top left walkway in the Village Proper Academia 400AF
'Promises' Gate Seal A Dying World 700AF - small top right alcove in the Farseers' Settlement Academia 4XXAF
'Facts' Gate Seal Academia 4XXAF - Moogle Throw box in center of the Entrance location Augusta Tower 200AF
'Silence' Gate Seal Augusta Tower 200AF - Moogle Throw box bottom right on 51st Floor Augusta Tower 300AF
'Determination' Gate Seal Academia 500AF - Just to the right upon exiting the gate A Dying World 700AF
'Sisters' Gate Seal Academia 500AF - Platform up and right from long central walkway New Bodhum 700AF
'Disaster' Gate Seal Bresha Ruins 100AF - left side of open area with columns in Echoes of the Past Bresha Ruins 100AF
'Labyrinth' Gate Seal Bresha Ruins 300AF - Inside the walled off area next to the stairs going up to the Echoes of the Past area Bresha Ruins 300AF
;Reminiscence' Gate Seal Yaschas Massif 100AF - Moogle Throw box at the top of the stairs going into the Archaeopolis Yaschas Massif 100AF
'Maleficence' Gate Seal Yaschas Massif 110AF - On the stairs up to the large statue in the Arcaeopolis Yaschas Massif 110AF
'How Things Were' Gate Seal Oerba 300AF - Moogle Throw box reached by throwing from the nook at the north end of the main street Oerba 300AF
'Hometown' Gate Seal Oerba 400AF - Moogle Throw box floating above tree roots south of steps down to the Ashensand Oerba 400AF
'Thunderstruck' Gate Seal Sunleth Waterscape 400AF Sunleth Waterscape 400AF
'Afterimage' Gate Seal Vile Peaks 200AF Vile Peaks 010AF
'Return' Gate Seal Vile Peaks 200AF Vile Peaks 200AF
'Eternity' Gate Seal Bresha Ruins 100AF - Near the center left column in the open columned area in the Echoes of the Past Serendipity
'Final Battle' Gate Seal Academia 500AF - Awarded upon reaching the last checkpoint before the final series of bosses Academia 500AF
'Hope' Gate Seal Awarded for completing the game for the first time Valhalla
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