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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 consists of six episodes that span many locations and time periods. Through the course of the main story you will be directed to specific locations for story purposes. Other locations on side paths can be opened using Wild Artefacts acquired in various locations. The locations are broken up in sections depending on Episode or, for side locations, in the Wild Artefacts section. For the purposes of this walkthrough our content will give you the details to get through a specific location's story elements. Then we'll break down what you need to do to get all that location's fragments and any side notes that are important to fully explore that location.

If you're looking to go straight to a location's fragments or secrets use the right menu to jump directly to that section. Note that the Coliseum and Serendipity have their own sections linked to on the FFXIII-2 Main Page.

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