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Tidus is the star player of the Zanarkand Abes. Although he's been overshadowed by his father's career, he's still managed to make his way to the top of the game. However, when Zanarkand is destroyed in a bizarre disaster Tidus finds himself in a strage world called Spira where a monster called Sin threatens the world. Tidus finds himself in the center of a quest to rid Spira of Sin but all he really wants is to get back home to Zanarkand.

Yuna is the daughter of High Summoner Braska. Following her father's example she too has become a summoner and hopes to rid the world of Sin and bring the Calm. Her only desires are to bring happiness to the people of Spira in any way she can and to live up to her father's example.

Auron has looked after Tidus for a long time. Shrouded in mystery he has tried to guide Tidus to be a good person. When Tidus ends up in Spira Auron also follows. Having been one of Lord Braska's guardians he joins Yuna's guardians to help her as well. Auron keeps secrets from everyone and reveals only what he thinks they need to know.

Kimarhi is a member of the Ronso race. When he was young his horn was broken and so his growth is stunted but he is still proud of who he is. He was asked to protect Yuna after Braska's death and he has done so ever since.

Wakka is the captain of the Besaid Aurochs. He has one season left of the game and then he will be a guardian for Yuna full-time. Wakka has strong faith in Yevon and is very anti-Al Bhed. Wakka's brother Chappu was killed after joining the Crusaders and agreeing to use Machina.

Lulu has been like Yuna's older sister since Yuna arrived on Besaid Island. She and Wakka grew up together and have been friends for a long time. Lulu was in love with Chappu, Wakka's brother.

Rikku is a young Al Bhed. She first encounters Tidus when he very first gets to Spira. She later comes across him after trying to capture Yuna. When that plan is foiled she decides to join the group of guardians to protect Yuna.

Seymour is the son of a Guado and a Human. His father was a Maester of Yevon and he has followed in his father's occupation. Seymour's father died recently and he has taken his father's place among the maesters. He hopes to unite Guado and Humans in a common cause.

Jecht is Tidus's father. He disappeared from Zanarkand ten years ago. Tidus learns from Yuna that he came to Spira. He was one of Lord Braska's guardians.

Lord Braska was Yuna's father. Before he set out on his summoner's pilgrimage he found Jecht in a prison and took him into his service. Jecht and Auron both served as Braska's guardians on the pilgrimage.

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