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After the opening sequence you'll be in control of Tidus, a star blitzball player. Confirm your name by signing an autograph for the pair of ladies to the right. Then chat with the trio of kids. After this walk away from the crowd to get started on your walk to the stadium. Take your time so that you can hear the whole pre-game report. When you get to the crowd make your way through the large doors and watch the cinema.

Afterwards make your way down towards Auron, the guy in red. After another scene Auron will hand Tidus a Longsword and you'll have to fight through groups of Sinscales. In the next area you'll meet your first boss.

Sinspawn Ammese
HP: 2400MP: 400
GIL: 0AP: 0

This boss uses an attack called Demi. It reduces your life by a percentage and cannot kill you. However, the Sinscales can kill you so don't let your life get too low. Have Auron and Tidus attack every turn. When they get their overdrives have them perform them.

After the battle go around the left side of the dead boss and around to a blue sphere. This is a save sphere. It also fully restores the HP & MP of your party. Then head up. You'll need to fight another wave of scales. AFter the first batch Auron directs you to attack a machina to the right which collapses the walkway and gets rid of the scales. You'll then get another cinema. When you get control of Tidus float down, turn around, and head towards the blurry figure standing below.

Al Bhed Territory

Items: 5 Potions, 2 Hi-Potions, X-Potion, Al Bhed Primer Vol.1

Tidus wakes up alone in a watery ruins. Ultimately you'll want to go up the stairs at the north of this area, but to the left on a platform you'll find 2 Potions. You'll also find a blue globe called a compilation sphere. You really can't use these right now.

First swim to the far right you'll find a place you can climb up to. On one of the pillars has a glowing patch. It's in Al Bhed but translates to say, "In the land where bulbs of light illuminate the blackest night, with Macalania behind the fourth pillar you sight, look not on the left but on the right." This may be a clue in the future. At the top of the area is a chest with 200 gil.

Now go to the north center staircase and go up to the next area. Follow the path to an area with a save sphere. Then continue along the pathway. AT the end of the offshoot path to the left you'll find a Hi-Potion. At the end of the walkway something causes it to collapse. Swim around for a bit until you get into a fight with 3 Sahagin. Tidus should dispatch two and then a huge fiend eats the last one. It then turns to eat Tidus. You'll need to attack until you've caused 90 HP of damage. Then Tidus will escape.

Here go up this long corridor and you'll emerge in a large circular room. In the center of the room Tidus finds a potential spot to build a fire. Now you just need to gather supplies. In the upper right of the room you'll find a chest with an X-Potion. Then take the northernmost exit from the room.

Right inside this door you'll find a chest with an Ether. Then head up and around. At the top of the stairs examine the vase to get tinder. Then head out to the right. At the far end of this area you'll find a Hi-Potion. Now head back to the circular room.

Near the save sphere go through the doors. Step a little ways into the room and examine the floor. A box here contains flint. Now go back to start a fire.

While resting Tidus gets attacked by a Klikk. He's joined shortly by a strange girl. Have Tidus attack. The girl should steal or throw a grenade. After the battle the girl spares your life but knocks you out.

You wake up on a ship. You'll be required to work. Before moving on search the upper right corner for Al Bhed Primer vol. 1. The soldier on the left will give you three Potions. Now talk to the girl. She'll teach you how to use the sphere grid.

After you've used any spheres you've found talk to the girl again. You'll dive into the water. You want to head for the lights but you can also take this opportunity to fight and gain sphere levels.

Upon entering the ruins you'll want to dive down and save. Then examine the control panel at the back. From this room head into the corridor and through it to the next room.

You'll have a short fight with Pirahnas. Then go see the girl and examine the device. Afterwards head back to the other room.

HP: 2200MP: 10
GIL: 100AP: 8

This battle is accompanied by a series of tutorials. After you've had a chance to attack with both characters follow the tutorial's instructions. Note that the "Stand By" command restores 50 HP to each character. Then simply use the Stand By and Pincer Attack trigger commands.

After the battle follow the girl out the hole the boss made. You'll end up back on the ship. After some revealing conversation you'll get a chance to save. Then talk to Rikku again. Tidus will get swept overboard.

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