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Armor Abilities

In Final Fantasy X every character has their own type of armor. Each piece of armor comes with certain set abilities and possibly empty slots. In these empty slot you can customize the armor by adding new abilities. The customize option becomes available after acquiring Rikku at the Moonflow. To customize armor you'll need a certain quantity of a given item. The abilities you can add to your armor are as follows:

auto-haste 80 chocobo wing always affected by haste
auto-med 20 remedy automatically use items to recover darkness, poison, silence, zombie
auto-phoenix 20 mega phoenix automatically use items to revive KO'd allies
auto-potion 4 stamina tablet automatically use items to restore HP when damaged
auto-protect 70 light curtain always affected by protect
auto-reflect 40 star curtain always affected by reflect
auto-regen 80 healing spring always affected by regen
auto-shell 80 lunar curtain always affected by shell
berserk ward 8 hypello potion sometimes protects against berserk
berserkproof 32 hypello potion immune to berserk
break HP limit 30 wings to discovery allows max HP to be over 9999; new maximum is 99999
break MP limit 30 pendulum allows max MP to be over 999; new maximum is 9999
confuse ward 16 musk sometimes protects against confusion
confuseproof 48 musk immune to confusion
curseproof 12 tetra elemental immune to curse
dark ward 40 eye drops sometimes protects against darkness
darkproof 10 smoke bomb immune to darkness
death ward 15 farplane shadow sometimes protects against instant KO
deathproof 60 farplane wind immune to instant KO
defense +3% 3 power sphere raises defense by 3%
defense +5% 2 stamina spring raises defense by 5%
defense +10% 1 special sphere raises defense by 10%
defense +20% 4 blessed gem raises defense by 20%
fire eater 20 fire gem absorb fire damage
fire ward 4 bomb fragment half fire damage
fireproof 8 bomb core immune to fire damage
HP +5% 1 x-potion raises max HP by 5%
HP +10% 3 soul spring raises max HP by 10%
HP +20% 5 elixir raises max HP by 20%
HP +30% 1 stamina tonic raises max HP by 30%
HP stroll 2 stamina tablet recover HP while walking
ice eater 20 ice gem absorb ice damage
ice ward 4 antarctic wind half ice damage
iceproof 8 arctic wind immune to ice damage
lightning eater 20 lightning gem absorb lightning damage
lightning ward 4 electro marble half lightning damage
lightningproof 8 lightning marble immune to lightning damage
magic def +3% 3 magic sphere raises magic defense by 3%
magic def +5% 2 mana spring raises magic defense by 5%
magic def +10% 1 wht magic sphere raises magic defense by +10%
magic def +20% 4 blessed gem raises magic defense by +20%
master thief 30 pendulum steal only rare items
MP +5% 1 ether raises max MP by 5%
MP +10% 3 soul spring raises max MP by 10%
MP +20% 5 elixir raises max MP by 20%
MP +30% 1 mana tonic raises max MP by 30%
MP stroll 2 mana tablet recover MP while walking
pickpocket 30 amulet higher chance to steal rare items
no encounters 30 purifying salt no random encounters
poison ward 40 antidote sometimes protects against poison
poisonproof 12 poison fang immune to poison
ribbon 99 dark matter immune to most status effects
silence ward 30 echo screen sometimes protects against silence
silenceproof 10 silence grenade immune to silence
sleep ward 6 sleeping powder sometimes protects against sleep
sleepproof 8 dream powder immune to sleep
slow ward 10 silver hourglass sometimes protects against slow
slowproof 20 gold hourglass immune to slow
SOS haste 20 chocobo feather affected by haste when HP is low
SOS nulblaze 1 bomb core affected by nulblaze when HP is low
SOS nulfrost 1 arctic wind affected by nulfrost when HP is low
SOS nulshock 1 lightning marble affected by nulshock when HP is low
SOS nultide 1 dragon scale affected by nultide when HP is low
SOS protect 8 light curtain affected by protect when HP is low
SOS reflect 8 star curtain affected by reflect when HP is low
SOS regen 12 healing spring affected by regen when HP is low
SOS shell 8 lunar curtain affected by shell when HP is low
stone ward 30 soft sometimes protects against petrification
stoneproof 20 petrify grenade immune to petrification
water eater 20 water gem absorb water damage
water ward 4 fish scale half water damage
waterproof 8 dragon scale immune to water damage
zombie ward 30 holy water sometimes protects against zombie
zombieproof 10 candle of life immune to zombie

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