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Al Bhed Primers

Throughout Final Fantasy X you can learn the Al Bhed Language. There are books called Primers scattered throughout the world that reveal to you each letter of the alphabet. To find all 26 refer to the table below:

Vol. I On Al Bhed Salvage Ship deck near door
Vol. II Besaid Village - Crusaders Lodge front desk
Vol. III SS Liki - Engine room
Vol. IV Kilika - On floor in Bar
Vol. V SS Winno - Bridge
Vol. VI Luca Stadium - Left locker room hallway
Vol. VII Luca Theatre - Reception area
Vol. VIII Mi'ihen Highroad - Given to you by Rin
Vol. IX Mi'ihen Highroad - Newroad North section along the path
Vol. X Mushroom Rock Road - On small hidden ledge to the left right before the last water lift
Vol. XI Djose Highroad - Halfway between two chests behind a pillar on the right
Vol. XII Moonflow - North wharf on platform above O'aka
Vol. XIII Guadosalam - Inside house in the middle of the floor
Vol. XIV Thunder Plains - Agency - Given to you by Rin if you say your study has been "okay"
Vol. XV Macalania Woods - On the ground across from O'aka
Vol. XVI Macalania Woods - Outside Travel Agency
Vol. XVII Sanubia Desert - Inside ruins in Central area
Vol. XVIII Sanubia Desrt - Along ridge near exit to Central area
Vol. XIX Al Bhed Home - By save sphere near entrance
Vol. XX Al Bhed Home - Living quarters in room with password chests on bed
Vol. XXI Al Bhed Home - In diagonal corridor with lit up doors
Vol. XXII Bevelle Temple - Right outside the Cloister entrance (Only available immediately after the fight to get to Yuna)
Vol. XXIII Calm Lands - North West corner of map
Vol. XXIV Calm Lands - Outside Remiem Temple on left side near Chocobo
Vol. XXV Calm Lands - Cavern of the Stole Fayth in left branching dead end
Vol. XXVI Omega Ruins - On floor in room with four chests

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