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Garment Grids

Garment Grid/Equip/Gates/Location
First Steps NoneNoneStart With
Vanguard Str +5, Mag +5Str +5, Mag +5Watch Shinra's Tutorial on Garment Grids
Bum Rush Str +10, Mag +10Str +10, Mag +10Chapter 2 - Celsiuis: Steal 3 Syndicate Uniforms
Undying Storm Str +15, Mag +15Str +15, Mag +15Chapter 3 - Mi'ihen: Defeat more Machinas than Al Bhed
Flash of Steel Str +20, Mag +20Str +20, Mag +20Chapter 5 - Calm Lands: After Publicity Completed for Argent, Trade in credits for ????
Protection Halo Def +5, Mag def +5Def +5, Mag def +5Chapter 1 - Besaid: Beat Flame Dragon
Hour of Need Def +10, Mag def +10Def +10, Mag def +10Chapter 2 - Bikanel Oasis: Defeat Logos
Unwavering Guard Def +15, Mag def +15Def +15, Mag def +15Chapter 3 - Djose: Defeat Ixion
Valiant Luster Def +20, Mag def +20Def +20, Mag def +20Chapter 5 - Thunderplains: Defeat Humbaba
Highroad Winds First StrikeSlowproof, Stopproof, Use Haste, SOS HasteChapter 3 - Monster Arena: Clear out area
Mounted Assault First StrikeSlowproof, Stopproof, Use Hastega, Auto HasteSee Chocobo Side Quest
Heart of Flame Fire Eater, Use FireFirestrike, Use Fira, Use FiragaChapter 1 - Mushroom Rock: Get to Youth League HQ
Ice Queen Ice Eater, Use BlizzardIcestrike, Use Blizzara, Use BlizzagaChapter 1 - Macalania: Capture Oaka
Thunderspawn Lightningeater, Use ThunderLightningstrike, Use Thundara, Use ThundagaChapter 1 - Luca: Dock 5 in chest
Menace of the Deep Watereater, Use WaterWaterstrike, Use Watera, Use WatergaChapter 1 - Kilika: Answer Guards all correct Passwords
Downtrodder GravityeaterGravitystrike, Use Demi, Double HPChapter 2 - Bevelle Labyrinth: in chest
Sacred Beast HolyeaterHolystrike, Use HolyChapter 5 - Mt. Gagazet: Episode Complete
Tetra Master TetrastrikeFireater, Iceater, Lightningeater, IceeaterChapter 3 - Calm Lands Cavern of Stolen Fayth: Rescue 15 people and defeat Yojimbo
Restless Sleep Use Sleep, BioSleepproof, Sleeptouch, Poisonproof, PoisontouchChapter 1 - Youth League HQ: in chest to right; jump down to ledge
Still of Night Use Silence, BlindSilenceproof, Silencetouch, Darkproof, DarktouchChapter 1 - Bikanel: Complete First Dig
Mortal Coil ItchproofCurseproof, Stoneproof, Stonetouch, Use BreakChapter 2 - Besaid - Gunner's Gauntlet: Score 1,150+
Raging Giant Use ConfuseConfuseproof, Confusetouch, Berserkproof, BerserktouchChapters 1-3 or 5 - Besaid: 2nd set of Ciphers at end of new path above the waterfall
Bitter Farewell Use Death, DoomDeathproof, Deathtouch, Doomproof, DoomtouchChapter 2 - Macalania: Find troupe and then talk with Hypello
Selene Guard SOS Shell, Use ShellAuto ShellChapter 2 - Mi'ihen: Defeat Chocoboeater
Helios Guard SOS Protect, Use ProtectAuto ProtectChapter 1 - Moonflow: Don't lose any luggage
Shining Mirror Piercing Magic, Use ReflectAuto ReflectChapter 2 - Mushroom Rock - After Siding with New Yevon: Defeat Elma
Covetous NoneUse Drain, OsmoseChapter 2 - Luca: Interview
Disaster in Bloom NoneSleeptouch, Silencetouch, Darktouch, Poisontouch, StonetouchChapter 5 - Calm Lands: After Publicity Completed for Open Air, Trade in credits for ????
Scourgebane noneSleepproof, Poisonproof, Silenceproof, Darkproof, Confuseproof, Berserkproof, Curseproof, ItchproofChapter 5 - Bevelle: Episode Complete
Healing Wind Use CureUse Cura, CuragaChapter 1 - Luca: Complete Mission
Heart Reborn Use Life, CureUse Cura, CuragaChapter 1 - Zanarkand: Guess Isaaru
Healing Light Use CureUse Cura, Life, Curaga, Full cureChapter 2 - Guadosalam: Defeat Leblanc & Co.
Immortal Soul Use Life, CureUse Cura, Curaga, Full lifeChapter 5 - Farplane Abyss: Defeat Anima
Wishbringer HP Stroll, Use RegenUse Curaga, Auto RegenChapter 3 - Gagazet: Defeat Garik
Strength of One Str +10Str +15See Chocobo Sidequest
Seething Cauldron Mag +10Mag +15Chapter 2 - Moonflow: Sell all tickets with a profit
Stonehewn Def +10Def +15Chapter 2 - Gagazet: Defeat Ormi
Enigma Plate Mag def +10Mag def +15Chapter 2 - Besaid - Gunner's Gauntlet: Score 500+
Howling Wind Agil +5Agil +5Chapter 3 - Macalania: talk with small troupe, examine new object
Ray of Hope Luck +30Luck +30Chapter 5 - Macalania: Episode Complete
Pride of the Sword Use SwordplayStr +15, Swordplay wait downChapter 3 - Macalania: protect agency
Samurai's Honor Use BushidoStr +15, Bushido wait downChapter 2 - Thunder Plains: calibrate 5 perfect attempt all 10 then talk with Al Bhed in Travel Agency
Blood of the Beast Use InstinctStr +15, Instinct wait downChapter 3 - Bevelle -only if sided with New Yevon: Find/Talk with Pacce and go for it
Chaos Maelstrom Use ArcanaMag +15, Arcana wait downChapter 3 - Kilika: See Squatter Monkey Mini-game
White Signet Use White MagicMag +15, White Magic wait downChapter 3 - Luca: challenge lady with dog to Sphere Break with combos using a rare item on a coin
Black Tabbard Use Black MagicMag +15, Black Magic wait downChapter 4 - Moonflow: Find Tobli
Mercuriel Strike noneSwordplay wait down, Bushido wait down, Instinct wait downChapter 5 - Bikanel: Defeat Angra Mainyu
Tricks of the Trade noneBlack Magic wait down, White Magic wait down, Arcana wait downChapter 5 - Kilika: Episode Complete
Horn of Plenty Use Nab gilGillionaireChapter 5 - See Chocobo Side Quest
Treasure Hunt Use MugDouble ItemsChapter 3 - Luca - Sphere Break: use a border coin with the rare item trait in a combo against Shinra
Tempered Will noneDouble HP, Double MPChapter 5 - Guadosalam - Complete all requirements of Mt. Gagazet including Lian and Ayde then talk with Tromell. In chest in opened house
Covenant of Growth noneDouble AP, Double EXPChapter 5 - Bikanel - Cact'o'war: Defeat Frailea
Salvation Promised Use White MagicUse Auto lifeChapter 5 - Thunder Plains Dungeon: After rescuing Cid, return and solve dungeon; in chest before 16th door
Conflagration Use Black MagicUse FlareChapter 5 - Mt. Gagazet: Complete all requirements of Mt. Gagazet including Lian and Ayde. Return there and talk to them around statue
Supreme Light Use White MagicUse Auto life, HolyChapter 5 - Mushroom Rock - Den of Woe: Defeat all bosses
Megiddo Use Black MagicUse Flare, UltimaChapter 5 - Farplane Abyss: Traverse all 5 routes. Note: Yojimbo must be defeated prior
Unerring Path nonenoneChapter 1: Find any Special Dressphere and obtain automatically
Font of Power Half MP costMag +15, 1 MP costChapter 5 - Mi'ihen Highroad: Defeat Fiend Colony Dungeon
Higher Power Break HP LimitBreak Damage LimitChapter 5 - Calm Lands - Chocobo Dungeon: Defeat Dungeon
The End Break HP LimitBreak Damage Limit, FinaleAny Chapter: After oversouling all oversoulable fiends look at Shinra's Bestiary

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