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Walkthrough - Explained

Welcome to FFExodus' walkthrough for X-2. We've kind of done things a little different in this walkthrough than others so here is a brief explanation. Please Read this before attempting to go further in the walkthrough and it should help.

First of all as you will quickly notice, the walkthrough is written as a narrative by Yuna. If you aren't really interested in reading our spoofy journal entries, we have highlighted the key information in blue. (This should be reminiscent of most FF's)

Also, we've divided FFX-2 not only into chapters, but also locations within the chapter. These will appear in the right content section as you enter a chapter. From top to bottom we've put the locations in the order we recommend you visit them.

Boss battles are conveniently marked with stats and items. Some will have a little: * <-- symbol. Those are items that are rare.

Hope this is helpful and enjoy!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

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