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Al Bhed Primers

Possible Locations for Finding Primers

In 10-2 there is no set location for each individual Primer. Instead, Primers are randomely dispersed through a set amount of events/locations. Here is a list of the locations where you will find Primers:

Chapter 1

# of Primers/Location/Event

3 Celsius: talk to Brother
1 Celsius: talk to Buddy
1 Luca: talk to Rin
1 Djose: talk to Gippal
1 Macalania: Al Bhed Debt Collectors
1 Bikanel: Al Bhed Rescue party
Note: It is Possible to dig Primers in the Desert in all Chapters (except 4) at the White X's. You can only get 6 this way.

Chapter 2

1 Celsius: watch Awesome Sphere
1 Djose: talk to Gippal

Chapter 3

1 Macalania: Save Travel Agency
1 Visit 1 Djose: talk to Gippal
1 Visit 2 Djose: accept mission to clear Djose temple

Chapter 4

1 Celsius: talk to Paine
2 Djose: watch 1st and 6th event on commspheres
1 Macalania: watch 1st event on commsphere

Chapter 5

1 Djose: defeat experiment
1 Thunder Plains: rescue Cid
1 Celsius: watch Buddy talk with Brother on deck

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