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Magic Lists

White Magic | Black Magic


Spell Name Effect Location Cost (Gil)
Cure Restores HP Most magic shops, first at Altair 200
Life Revives a character from KO status Salamand 1500
Basuna Cures temporary Status Abnormalities Bafsk 800
Esuna Cures permanent Status Abnormalities Bafsk 800
Barrier Puts a barrier against your opponents' special attacks Mysidia 8000
Blink Creates clones to raise Evasion Paloom, Poft 800
Shield Raises Defence with a magical shield Paloom, Poft 800
Shell Raises a character's Magic Defence Paloom, Poft 800
Wall Creates a magic wall, which raises Magic Defence against black magic Mysidia 8000
Dispel Nullifies your opponent's barrier against special attacks Fynn 3000
Mini Inflicts Mini status on opponents and shrinks them Fynn 3000
Silence Nullifies spells cast by your opponents Bafsk 800
Faze Reduces target's MP Salamand 1500
Fog Inflicts Amnesia on target's mind Fynn 3000
Slow Temporarily slows your opponent down and reduces their atacks Fynn 3000
Swap Switches your HP and MP with those of your opponent Mysidia 8000
Fear Causes opposite party to flee a battle Bafsk 800
Warp Sends your target to another dimension, or yourself to the exit of a dungeon Salamand 1500
Holy Damages your opponent with divine light Mysidia 20000
Ultima Ultimate magic spell that inflicts maximum damage to all opponents Mysidian Tower (10th floor by the yellow orb.) None

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Spell Name Effect Location Cost
Fire Inflicts Fire Damage Altair 400
Bolt Inflicts Thunder Damage Altair 400
Ice Inflicts Ice Damage Altair 400
Poison Inflicts Poison damage Tropical Island None
Drain Absorbs opponent's HP Mysidian Cave None
Osmose Absorbs opponent's MP Mysidian Cave None
Flare Causes nuclear fusion which damages the opponents Mysidian Tower None
Sleep Puts opponents to sleep Tropical Island None
Stun Paralyses opponent Castle Deist None
Stop Prevents opponents from taking action Castle Deist None
Muddle Confuses opponents, causing them to turn on each other Won from Sorcerer, Wizard, Fire Gigas None
Blind Inflicts Darkness status on opponents, blinding them Tropical Island None
Curse Inflicts Curse status on opponents, weakening their action Castle Deist None
Toad Turns target into a Toad, nullifying their magic Castle Fynn None
Break Inflicts Stone status on opponents, petrifying them Castle Fynn None
Doom Kills opponent instantly Castle Fynn None
Banish Sends opponent to another dimension. If cast on party, waprs them to previous dungeon floor Bought in Jade None
Berserk Raises Strength temporarily Mysidia 10000
Haste Increases attack count temporarily Bought in Jade None
Aura Raises a character's Strength Castle Fynn None

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