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Levelling Up


The most unique function that Final Fantasy 2 possesses is how your characters evolve and gain more strength, endurance, hit points and magic points. Most Final Fantasy games, with the exception of X, have the level system, where your character gains EXP and the EXP is translated into a higher level after a certain point, resulting in stats bonuses such as higher HP, higher MP, higher strength, and so on.

With Final Fantasy 2, this is completely different. There are no levels. The character's abilities and attributes are determined solely on the amount of times he uses a certain ability. For example, selecting attack will result in a slight increase in the character's strength. (A complete list is provided further down the page.)

The game also has an option with the equipping of certain weapons and the use of certain magics. If a character uses a sword a lot, then their proficiency with the sword as a weapon increases as a result, and the damage they cause with the weapon. Consequently, the use of a shield in battle will help in the raising of their proficiency in using the shield and increase evasion as a result. Using white magic spells will level up their effectiveness as well as increase magic stats and max MP. The same with black magic spells.

Of course, for those of you who have gotten used to the usual levelling up system, this is a dramatic and disorienting change that will take a while to get accustomed to. After a while though, there are a few shortcuts that can aid you in strengthening your characters and making the game a lot easier than it would first seem during playthrough. These too will be described further down the page.

Character Development

As you go further in the game, you may start to note how some character lose something in a statistic as they gain in other areas. The loss will be small in comparison to the gain, and should be able to be recovered by training that statistic accordingly. A list below is provided to give an indication of what occurs:

-Intelligence decreases when Strength increases.
-Endurance decreases when Intelligence increases.
-Strength decreases when Spirit increases.

How The Stats Change

Action. Statistic / Ability Development. Consequence.
Attack during battle. Strength. Higher hit percentage rate.
HP reduction during battle. Endurance. Higher Maximum HP.
Use of White Magic. Spirit. Higher White magic power and effectiveness.
Use of Black Magic. Intelligence. Higher Black Magic attack power and effectiveness.
MP reduction during battle. Magic. Higher Maximum MP.
Attack with wepaons during battle. Accuracy. Higher numbers of attack and hit percentage rate.
Being the target of physical attacks. Evasion and Agility. Higher evasion of physical attacks and chance of striking first in battle.
Being the target of magic / special attacks. Magic Defence. Higher evasion of special attacks.

Note: The HP and MP stats increases are cumulative with use over ONE battle. A substantial decrease in HP will result in a better chance of receiving an HP boost, as will a substantial decrease in MP result in a better chance of receiving an MP boost. The other boosts will come over the process of many battles.

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