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History records the man who ended the Lion war and brought peace to Ivalice as Delita Hyral. However, a recent book was uncovered that had been hidden by the Church of St. Ajora for hundreds of years, telling a completely different story. It tells us of a young man's honor, a secret plot of the Church, Demons roaming the kingdom, and of this young man's quest to save his homeland from Chaos.

Join Ramza Beoulve and his friends as they fight to uncover the truth of what the Church has planned, the secret politics of those responsible for the Lion War, and a race against time to stop the summoning of a Demon that could end all life on the planet.

Choose your allies wisely. Develop their skills, train them and hone your own skills. But be prepared for treachery at every turn. The Saga of the Zodiac Brave is in the making, only you can reveal the true story. Do you have what it takes?


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