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Character Skills

The last of the aforementioned ultimate team proves her worth by having one of the coolest special skills ever. It's called Runic. Whenever anyone (ally or enemy) casts a spell, and Celes has chosen to use Runic that turn, the magic will be canceled and Celes will gain the mp used to cast the spell. This is very useful towards the end of the game as it nullifies some of the bosses' most powerful attacks. Plus, it charges Celes' mp, so she can save up for a major spell, cast it, and immediately recommence using runic.

Cyan is a swordmaster, so he does nifty things with swords with his special skill, SwordTech. One bad thing about SwordTech is that it requires charging. Used in combination with Celes' Runic (to provide magic cover for Cyan), however, it is one of the most powerful moves in the game. If Cyan charges up to level ten one turn, he can use his level one SwordTech ten times (or L.2 5 times, etc.) before he needs to recharge again. Here are the various SwordTechs.

Cyan's SwordTechs (the number in parenthesis is the lowest level Cyan must charge to to use the move):

Dispatch (1): Cyan comes with this move. It is very powerful when you first get Cyan, but, later on, his normal attack is more powerful. Cyan suddenly jumps at an enemy and slashes through their body. (single enemy)
Retort (2): When used, Cyan will wait until either someone attacks him, or until the turn ends. If someone attacks him during that waiting period, he will counterattack with a very powerful sword slash. This can kill most first-half-of-game enemies instantly (if they're foolish enough to attack Cyan). (single enemy)
Slash (3): If this attack connects (unlikely) Cyan will slash an enemy's hp in half. After the initial slash, they will periodically have seizures which drain their hp. (single enemy)
Quadra Slam (4): This is the equivalent of Sabin's Fire Dance. Cyan quickly slides in next to an enemy and slashes them viciously. This repeats four times. The enemy is chosen at random each time. This is very powerful throught the entire game, and it has a fairly low charge requirement. (single/some/all enemies)
Empowerer (5): Cyan drains a significant amount of hp and mp from an enemy and takes it into himself. (single enemy)
Stunner (6): Very powerful attack, but a somewhat expensive charge requirement. Cyan attacks every opposing enemy, and any that are left alive after the attack, Cyan casts Stop on. (all enemies)
Quadra Slice (7): This is the same as quadra slam, but the damage is multiplied by two. (one/some/all enemies)
Cleave (8): This is Cyan's ultimate attack. It's essentially just Odin's Zantetskuken. Cyan teleports (DBZ style) across the screen. After he reappears, any enemies he hits fall in half and die. (one/some/all enemies)

Inspector Gadget's skill is called tools. Selecting it opens up a menu of all the tools he has collected up to that point. The following is a brief description of what each tool does.

Edgar's Tools:

Auto Crossbow: Shoots one arrow at each enemy on the screen. (all enemies)
Noise Blaster: Attempts to confuse all of the enemies. (all enemies)
Bio Blaster: Attempts to poison all the enemies (does some base damage too). (all enemies)
Debilitator: Acts a little like Doom Train. It creates an elemental weakness in the enemy. (single enemy)
Flash: Attempts to blind all the enemies. (all enemies)
Drill: Does damage while disregarding an enemy's defenses. (single enemy)
Chainsaw 1: The chainsaw has two attacks, which is used is determined randomly. This is the most common chainsaw attack: Edgar spins psychotically chopping one enemy several times. (single enemy)
Chainsaw 2: This is the rarer chainsaw attack: Edgar dons a Jason mask and rips apart an enemy's innards with one slow insertion of the saw. This is a one-hit KO.
Air Anchor: This tool must be found hidden within the Tower of Fanatics towards the end of the game. It shoots an arrow at each enemy on the screen. The arrows then inflate and force each enemy to explode. This is the other one-hit KO if Edgar can hit the enemies. (I think it was all enemies)

Yay! Gau's skill is to leap into the herd of enemies (only on the veldt). The enemies take Gau away and he will reappear after a later battle on the veldt. When he reappears, he will have learned how to completely mimic the enemies he disappeared with. Any normal enemy you encounter throughout the game will be found on the veldt after an initial encounter elsewhere in the world. While in battle, Gau can select his Rage skill, which will bring up a menu of all the monsters he's lived with. He will then go berserk and be out of the player's control. He will only use attacks the chosen monster used until the battle ends or until he dies (a berserker version of Sprigg from Chrono Cross).

Gogo has nothing but his special skill. He can only mimic things. It doesn't cost him any mp to mimic spells or other skills. You can also customize Gogo's command menu. He can have Mimic, SwordTech, Blitz, and Runic all at once on his command menu. If you should choose to place maic on his command menu, be warned that he will only have access to any magic that any other character has gotten. He can't learn magic any other way since he can't equip espers.

Hmm. I wonder what the thief's skill is...oh yeah: stealing! Locke can steal extremely rare things from various monsters. After you defeat a monster, go to the bestiary (at the title screen under secret or hidden or something like that). There it describes what each monster's (that you've defeated) weakness is, how much hp they have, speed, etc. all of their stats are there including what can be stolen from them.

Mog is a dancin' fool. Mog's skill is to make up a dance based on his environment. The following is a list of the various dances mog will dance and where he will dance them. Sometimes, though, mog will stumble, and the dance will fail.

Grass Fields: Wind Song:
Wind Slash: Blows a gust of wind at the enemies...ouch... (all enemies)
Sun Bath: Restores a major amount of team's hp. (all team)
Plasma: Powerful attack...Not very descriptive is it? (single enemy)
Cockatrice: Summons a wild cockatrice to attack the enemy. (single enemy)

Forests: Forest Suite:
Rage: Mog summons a strong wind that blows dirt and leaves in the enemies faces...Take that! (all enemies)
Harvester: Cures all abnormal status effects (all team and all enemies?)
Elf Fire: Mog blasts an enemy with magical fire. (single enemy)
Wombat: Ahahahahahaha... Mog summons a wild wombat to attack an enemy (single enemy).

Desert: Desert Aria:
Sand Storm: Mog summons a sandstorm. I think this blinds as well as damages. (all enemies)
Wind Slash: Yet another gust of wind attack. (all enemies)
Antlion: Mog somehow persuades a giant antlion to burrow under the enemies and rupture the solidity of the earth culminating in a quicksand-like effect that swallows the enemies. Wow. Don't make Mog mad. (all enemies)
Kitty: Mog casts Haste on all allies and himself. (all team)

Town: Love Sonata:
Elf Fire: Mog blasts an enemy with magical fire. (single enemy)
Snare: Mog ensnares an enemy with a trap and eliminates it from battle. (single enemy)
Specter: Casts confuse on an enemy. (single enemy)
Tapir: If Mog summons a tapir, I'm going to die laughing. Oh, wait. He just cures all abnormal status effects. (all allies and all enemies?)

Mountain: Earth Blues:
Landslide: Drops rocks on an enemy's head. (single enemy)
Sun Bath: Restores a major amount of team's hp. (all team)
Sonic Boom: Attacks the enemies with a sonic boomerang. (all enemies)
Whump: Attacks an enemy with a herd of...wild rock animals? (single enemy)

Underwater (Serpent Trench): Water Rondo:
El Nino: Pulls an enemy into the undertow. (single enemy)
Specter: Casts confuse on an enemy. (single enemy)
Plasma: Yet again with it's astonishingly descriptive description: Powerful. (single enemy)
Harvester: Cures all abnormal status effects (all team and all enemies?)

Caves: Dusk Requiem:
Cave In: Drops huge boulders on an enemy's head. (single enemy)
Elf Fire: Mog blasts an enemy with magical fire. (single enemy)
Snare: Mog ensnares an enemy with a trap and eliminates it from battle. (single enemy)
Pois. Frog: A poisonous frog is summoned to cast poison on an enemy. (single enemy)

Snow Fields above Narshe: Snowman Jazz:
Snowball: Halves an enemy's hp. (single enemy)
Snare: Mog ensnares an enemy with a trap and eliminates it from battle. (single enemy)
Surge: A group of enemies is caught in Mog's powerful avalanche. (one/some/all enemies)
Ice Rabbit: A cute bunny hops into the picture to heal the team's wounds. (all team)

As mentioned before, Relm is an artist. She uses her artistic ability in this move called Sketch. When Relm uses this, she quickly sketches a duplicate of one of the opposing monsters. That monster goes berserk and begins attacking the enemy uncontrollably. If the player finds the Fake Mustache Relic, Relm can equip it. This changes her Sketch skill to Control. She can then control what her creation does.

Sabin's special skill is blitz and strongly resembles Zell"s (FF8) limit break. Each blitz is entered manually by the player. Note that the direction Sabin is facing doesn't affect the move entry.

Sabin's Blitzes:
Pummel: (left, right, left) Sabin punches one enemy repeatedly. (single enemy)
Aura Bolt: (down, down-left, left) Sabin shoots some kind of holy light blast at the enemy. This harms most enemies, but it really maims undead creatures. (I think it was single enemy)
Suplex: (triangle, square, down, up) Sabin picks up an enemy and slams it back down on the ground. (single enemy)
Fire Dance: (left, down-left, down, down-right, right) Sabin somehow lights on fire, clones himself, and then proceeds, in conjunction with his clones, to weave around the enemies. This is learned early on by Sabin and is one of the best moves in the game (IMO). (all enemies)
Mantra: (R1, L1, R1, L1, triangle, square) Sabin heals the team. (all team)
Air Blade: (up, up-right, right, down-right, down, down-left, left) Sabin creates two scythes of air which hack at the enemies. As you might imagine, this is very harmful to enemies with a weakness to wind magic. (all enemies)
Spiraler: (R1, L1, triangle, square, right, left) Sabin converts his soul into a life stream tornado. The tornado proceeds to majorly heal the team. Of course, Sabin dies in the process. (all team)
Bum Rush: (left, up-left, up, up-right, right, down-right, down, down-left, left) Similar to Rorouni Kenshin, Sabin hadn't finished his training when he left (of course, his master was also dead). This is learned from Sabin's master in the World of Ruin. Sabin raises his arms, and flies circles around the enemies...Yeah. That's it. It somehow manages to do a lot of damage. (all enemies)

Mr. Random Gambler uses the familiar Slots skill (Tifa from FF7 or Selphie from FF8). Setzer's Slots is a little more true to real slot machines. There are 6 different symbols in his slot machine. Those are: Diamond, Chocobo, BAR, Airship, Dragon, and 7. The following is a list of the possible prizes his slot machine gives out. Thes are all courtesy of the Final Fantasy Anthologies Official Strategy Guide by David Cassady. If the player finds the Coin Toss Relic, Setzer can equip it. That will change his Slot Skill to Gp Rain. When Setzer uses Gp Rain, he will throw the team's gp at the enemies. Gp Rain can be the most powerful attack in the game (It does one damage for each gp he throws), but it can also be a bit expensive.

Setzer's Slots Combos:
-(Three Diamonds) Flash: Rainbow light flashes across the screen and somehow damages the enemy. (all enemies)
-(Three Chocobos) Chocobop: A wild stampede of chocobos tramples the enemies. (all enemies)
-(Three BAR) Magicite: Summons a random esper. (one/some/all enemies/team)
-(Three Airships) H-Bomb: Drops a helium bomb on the enemies. Note that even though the enemies are mere feet from the team, the team is unharmed due to their anti-h-bomb solvent. (all enemies)
-(Three Dragons) Mega Flare: Anyone who's read this far into this is obviously a fanatic, so I think you know what mega flare is. Ok. In case you don't, mega flare summons Bahamut (king of the dragons) to annihilate the enemies. (all enemies)
-(Three 7's) 7-Flush: Instantly disintegrate all enemies. (all enemies)
-(Two 7's and a BAR) Joker Doom: Instantly disintegrates all enemies AND allies! (all enemies AND all team)
-(Any combination not listed above) Lagomorph: A bizarre little creature pops into the screen and restores a miniscule portion of the team's health. (all team)

Shadow, being a ninja, doesn't have an assassinate skill. Of course all ninja only knew how to throw things, so that's what Shadow does. He throws magical scrolls (do magic damage) and any extra weapons the team may have lying around in their cumulative pocket.

Shadow's dog, Interceptor, will sometimes run into battle when Shadow blocks an enemy's attack and eat/mangle (i.e. do a major amount of damage to) the enemy in question.

Strago is the blue mage of the game, which, as stated before, means he learns any blue magic he is hurt by throughout the game. Here's a list of his possible blue magic spells (Lores). From Final Fantasy Anthologies Official Strategy Guide by David Cassady.

Strago's Lore List:
Lore-MP-monsters that cast it-effect-element(s)
-Aqua Rake-22mp-Vectagoyle, Rhyos, Chimera-A tidal wave washes over the enemies-Water, Wind (all enemies)
-Aero-41mp-Doom Gaze, Tyranosaur, Sprinter-Whirlwind blows through the enemies-Wind (all enemies)
-Blow Fish-50mp-Brainpan, Phase, Cactrot, Presenter, Mover-Shoots 1,000 needles at an enemy for 1,000 damage-None (single enemy)
-Big Guard-80mp-Dark Force, Mover, Earth Guard-Casts Shell and Safe on entire party-None (all team)
-Clean Sweep-30mp-Blue Dragon, Enuo, Dark Force-Summons a tsunami and washes enemies away (ends fight, but doesn't kill enemies)-Water (all enemies)
-Condemned-20mp-Veteran, Critic, Still Life-Like doom, when counter reaches zero, enemy is eliminated-None (single enemy)
-Dischord-68mp-Pipsqueak, Figaliz, Iron Hitman-Halves an enemy's level-None (single enemy)
-Exploder-1mp-Bomb, Grenade, Balloon, Junk-Kills caster, but deals an amount of damage to an enemy equal to the amount of hp the caster had while casting-None (single enemy)
-Force Field-24mp-Doom-Randomly cancels certain types of elemental attacks. Caster gets better at it each time it's cast.-None (all team)
-Grand Train-64mp-Hidon-Blasts enemies with energy that ignores their defenses-None (all enemies)
-L? Pearl-50mp-Dullahan, Critic, Dark Force-Casts pearl on enemies whose levels are a multiple of the singles digit of your current gp-None (none/one/some/all enemies)
-L3 Muddle-28mp-Apokryphos, Goblin, Dark Force-Casts Muddle on any enemies whose levels are a multiple of three-None (none/one/some/all enemies)
-L4 Flare-42mp-Apokryphos, Goblin, Dueller-Casts flare on any enemies whose levels are a multiple of four-None (none/one/some/all enemies)
-L5 Doom-22mp-Sky Base, Didalos, Dark Force, Trapper- Casts Doom on any enemies whose levels are a multiple of five-None (none/one/some/all enemies)
-Pearl Wind-45mp-Sprinter, Peepers, Dark Force, Vectaur-Cures entire party for an amount equal to the caster's current hp-None (all team)
-Pep Up-1mp-Junk, Flan, Muus-Caster dies. One ally gains full hp, full mp, and loses all abnormal status effects-None (one team member)
-Quasar-50mp-Goddess, Dark Force-Attack enemies with cosmic powers-None (one/some/all enemies)
-Reflect???-??mp-Dark Force-Casts Dark, Mute, and Slow on any enemies protected by Reflect magic-None (none/one/some/all enemies)
-Revenge-31mp-Dragon, Pan Dora, Dark Force-Deals damage to an enemy equal to the caster's max hp minus the caster's current hp-None (single enemy)
-Rippler-66mp-Reach Frog, Dark Force-Swaps all status changes between the target and the caster-None (single enemy/team member)
-Roulette-10mp-Dark Force, Veteran, Critic-Randomly selects and eliminates someone from battle-None (single enemy/team member)
-Sour Mouth-32mp-Evil Oscar, Mad Oscar-Casts Mute, Imp, Poison, Dark, Sleep, and Muddle on a single target-None (single enemy)
-Step Mine-??mp-Pug, Mesosaur, Grease Monk-Causes damage to a single enemy equal to 1/32 of the total steps you've taken. Mp cost is equal to your total elapsed playtime multiplied by two-None (single enemy)
-Stone-22mp-Iron Fist, Brawler-Caster hurls a stone at an enemy that causes damage and casts Muddle. If caster and target are the same level, the stone causes eight times as much damage-None

Terra's Special skill is a real giveaway for some of the "shocking" scenes that come later in the game. Her ability is to morph in to an esper (summon). While morphed, the power of her magic doubles. There is a green bar that depletes over the time she is in morph mode. She cannot hold her esper form after the green stamina bar is depleted. Try not to hold her form too long and you will be able to use her morph more often. The stamina bar replenishes slightly after each unmorphed battle, so if the bar is completely drained, don't morph for a few battles or she won't be able to hold her esper form for more than a turn.

Umaro can't equip weapons, armor, or espers. He also has no special skill. The only thing special about him is his extreme power and the two relics that only he can equip. Those relics are the Rage Ring and the Blizzard Orb. The Rage Ring boosts all of his stats even higher, and the Blizzard Orb allows him to use his blizzard breath in battle.

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