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She is the other character who can use magic, but she's been genetically engineered. She's your generic bad girl turned good girl. She was a general in Kefka's Militia until she reneged at an order to poison an entire city's water supply just to kill off a couple rebels. Locke rescues her from her torture chamber in a neat little mission where he can steal uniforms from guards.

He's the master swordsman of Doma Castle and, when the king dies in Kefka's "poison the water supply" onslaught, Cyan becomes king. Cyan's special skills make him one of the strongest characters in the game (he's like a good, black-haired Sephiroth). His skills do require charging though, so I'd recommend using Sabin instead. He becomes playable during said onslaught, and the game makes out that it's the player's fault for not rescuing the king. Locke, Edgar, Celes, and Cyan/Sabin make the ultimate team.

Edgar is the king of high-tech Figaro Castle. If the player shops at Figaro Castle while Edgar is in the current party, the team will get a 50% discount. Edgar is really like Inspector Gadget. He outfits his castle with a burrowing-underground upgrade, and all of his skills revolve around weird tools that the player finds or purchases throughout the game. Some of his special skills come with one hit K.O.'s which (I think) even work on bosses (including the final).

I love Gau. He's a minigame in and of himself (like a chocobo). Gau is essentially a blue mage, but without the magic. He was raised by animals, and so they accept him. If you are in a battle on his home (the veldt), and you either can't win, or you just like the monster, whenever Gau uses his skill, the battle ends immediately.

Gogo is another hidden character. It's the spawn of the mimics in other FF games. It can mimic any attacks used against it. It lives (much like Gepetto) inside the belly of a Zone Eater (I can't remember, but I think it's like a sand worm).

The lead male of the game. Although the game follows Terra's story, the player usually plays as Locke since Terra is off having revelations. He's a treasure hunter (thief) by profession. He's also a key figure in The Returners. He initially helps you to escape Narshe (where the intro takes place). He is the fastest character you can get, and, while many sources claim that he has a lack of power due to his speed, he was always the strongest character I had (barring special skills) without me even trying. Locke has the (mysterious) ability of being able to speak with moogles. This is a blatant transition into the next character.

Everyone's favorite character. The player gains his help at different stages throughout the game. Although he is used fairly early on in the game (as Terra's escaping with Locke), he doesn't really become a "true" playable character until later on in the game.

Relm is not only Strago's granddaughter, she's an artist. She is curious about the team when she first meets them, but everyone in her (mysterious) town frowns upon her curiosity and friendliness. It is while attempting to troll for information in her town that the (generic) house burning scene occurs. Of course, no one can save the occupants except for the team, so they earn the admiration of the town while gaining two additions to their ranks (Relm is really cool to just use for fun even though she's not that strong).

He is Edgar's brother. He's a lot like Zell from FF8 in that his special skills are entered manually by the player. He's a martial artist, and bears a striking storyline resemblance to The Shadow (the movie/ radio series). He went and trained on some obscure hill with a martial arts master and his son. Sabin surpassed the son, the son got jealous, and the son killed the master and is a thorn in the character’s side from then until you kill him (oops).

He owns the airship, which, of course, the player must commandeer later on in the game. His skill is gambling and he is the FF6 "Slots" character (again, see below). He's something of a wildcard and his attacks vary widely in damage from being extremely powerful to 0 to miss to killing all allies. If you are a gambler, put him in your party for some laughs/tense moments.

He's this (VERY mysterious) figure the team runs into from time to time. He'll join the team, but don't equip him with anything valuable as he vanishes from the team at random. He'll probably join again later, but he will just have all his basic equipment again. He's a ninja, and you never really break through the veil of mysteriousness surrounding him until almost the end of the game. Even then, 80% of the people who play FF6 won't learn his secrets since it only occurs when if you meet certain side quests and beat certain levels in a certain amount of time. Of course, the level in question holds a Weapon (The monster, not equipment).

Strago is the resident blue mage for FF6 (because Gau doesn't really count as a blue mage). The reason I don't count him as a natural magic user is because I don't consider blue magic to be real magic. For those of you who don't know, a blue mage learns various magic spells that have been used against them in battle and can mimic them in later battles. He, like other blue mages, is very powerful IF you can gather all of his magic. He's Relm's grandfather. Yet another obvious lead-in.

The lead female. She is the only character who can use magic as soon as she becomes playable. This is contributed to some (ff generic) mysterious past. I think her special skill makes it fairly obvious just what that past is (I actually didn't realize until afterwards that the stunning near-end-of-game revelation had occurred), but just in case some people see things differently than me, I won't say here what that "revelation" consists of. She is found at the beginning of the game to have been brainwashed by Kefka (general evil guy of the game who is described below). Certain events (again highly mysterious ones) occur which place her in the hands of The Returners members (a.k.a. Locke and Banon). And the story commences...

Umaro is a hidden character. Essentially, he's the Abominable Snowman (yeti). Umaro is gained almost at the end of the game, and, ironically, he's located near where the intro took place.

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