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Walkthrough Explanation

Final Fantasy XII is a very lengthy game with many locations. To simplify your navigation of our walkthrough we have divided it into three parts. These three parts are as follows.

Part One consists of everything from starting with Vaan in Rabanastre through obtaining the Dawn Shard. Part Two continues with returning to Rabanastre to get to Giza Plains (Rains) and goes until the conclusion of your visit to Draklor Laboratory. Part Three starts with your first visit to Balfonheim Port and continues to the end of the game.

Choose the appropriate Part and you will be taken to the first location in that section. The other locations in that section will be listed in the right column. Below that list will be links to the other Parts of the walkthrough.

We hope this helps you navigate our walkthrough effectively.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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