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Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6

Day 1

After the opening cinema the game turns to a new character named Roxas. He and his friends Hayner, Pence, and Olette are being blamed for several thefts around town. Roxas and his friends must go around Traverse Town to solve the problem. The game starts out with some simple navigational instructions. The most key instruction given here is the use of "Reaction Commands". These commands are activated by pushing the triangle button at an appropriate time. These commands are used for things as simple as talking to people or as special attacks in battles.

Now it's time for a practice battle. Seipher picks a fight with you and you then have a chance to pick a weapon. The only thing this choice affects is which stat gets a bonus. The regular club gives +1 to attack. The hand guard weapon gives +1 to defense. Lastly the staff gives +1 to magic. After choosing it's time to fight Seipher. The battle is ended when a mysterious new creature interrupts - when it runs off Roxas follows it to the woods.

Follow the strange creature (called a Dusk) deeper into the forest. When you get to the entrance to the Mansion it's time for your first real fight.


This is another educational battle but the dusk can also do some damage to you. The dusk is a common enemy here in Traverse Town so you'll be seeing more of them. The first thing to learn in this battle is how to use reaction commands in battle. When the triangle flashes on screen hit that button to slip around behind the dusk for an attack. Because these guys slink around a lot using this command is essential. At first you can't hurt the dusk because you only have a practice weapon. Use the time to get a feel for the combat. After a little bit of fighting Roxas' practice weapon morphs into the Keyblade. Now you can take this creature out. However, the dusk starts using a new attack. When it starts to float and spin around strangely get out of its way. When it stops moving it will attack with a nasty kick. Dodge this attack and lock on and do some damage. Keep using the reaction commands to slip around for rear attacks. After doing this for a little bit the dusk pops and drops a bunch of items. The Keyblade disappears and this is the end of Day 1.

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Day 2

Roxas dreams again. Upon waking he goes to the Usual Spot to visit with his friends. They decide to visit the beach. After following the instructions on saving you'll meet with your friends at the job board in Market Street: Station Heights. You need to earn some money to go towards the train tickets to the beach. There are job boards with mini-games in Station Heights and Tram Common. By playing these games you can earn anywhere from 10 to 100 munny per attempt. To learn how to play these games and how much money according to score you earn in each game visit our Mini-Games Twilight Town page. You must get a minimum of 50 munny to continue in the game. However, excelling at these games can get you a one or two point AP bonus. Note that this is munny earned ON TOP of the 150 munny Roxas already had. 50 to 640 munny gets you no AP bonus. 650 to 1040 gets you a + 1 AP Bonus. Anything over 1050 munny will secure a +2 AP Bonus. Once you hit 1850 munny earned, however, you are automatically progressed in the story.

When you decide to be done with the mini-games head to Station Plaza and talk to Hayner. If you were going for the max AP bonus you'll know you've secured it if Hayner mentions buying watermelon. Unfortunately, a clever thief ruins the crew's plans for the day (and makes Roxas look silly in front of his friends).

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Day 3

Roxas wakes after yet again dreaming. However, his day doesn't progress very far normally before strange things happen again.

This sequence mirrors Sora's Dive to the Heart from the original Kingdom Hearts. After the Dusk attack Roxas gets pulled into this dream-like world. Before fighting he gets the opportunity to grab a weapon. This choice determines the order in which skills are learned on level up. See the Abilities page for more on this. Now it's time to take out the trio of Dusks (follow previous strategy, using reacion commands). After the battle Roxas will win a "Get Bonus". These bonuses are abilities and other boosts learned after certain battles or sequences outside the order dictated by level. A tutorial becomes available in your menu now on equiping abilities and things. Now, open the chest for a potion and save your game.

Now use the door that appeared and progress up the stairs and platforms fighting Dusks along the way. At the top you'll meet Roxas' first real boss. Keep in mind that starting from the last save point battles are real and will take you to game over if you get KO'd.

Twilight Thorn
HP: 300EXP: N/A

The Twilight Thorn is one beast of a first boss. This hulking Nobody cannot be defeated without using the Reaction commands. Its only weak point is its head. Most of its attacks are avoided by simply following the reaction commands but you will take some damage when you close in to attack its head. The one time it's completely vulnerable is after countering the ball of lightning attack and it crashes to the ground. Take every opportunity to whack at its head. Other than that using the reaction commands will also damage it some. If you run low on HP attack some of the lesser Nobodies it summons. They also provide some EXP. To defeat this boss you simply have to go through the series of attacks a few times to deplete its HP. The Get Bonuses for this battle are a +5 HP boost and the GUARD ability.

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Day 4

After the events of yesterday Hayner is still upset with you and today is the day of the Struggle finals. Before starting the battles you might want to consider the following - if you go into the alley in front of the Usual Spot you'll find Seipher and his gang. Try battling him several times to level up (and hopefully gain some abilities) and get used to this type of battle. Also, you can go back to the job boards and earn some money to buy potions at the item shop near where you play the Grandstander mini-game. Once you're ready head back to the sandlot and get the rules from the guy to the right of the chalk board. After that save your game and talk to the guy on the arena platform.

The point of these battles is not to deplete your opponents HP but rather the orbs the opponent carries. You need to have more orbs when the clock runs out than your opponent. If you're having trouble with an opponent simply hit them a few times at the beginning and then guard and dodge for the rest of the time. You'll start out with Hayner who's quite easy. His two attacks leave him wide open so after dodging them jump behind him to get in several quick hits. You'll finish him in no time.

After this first battle you'll get a break to save and do anything else you need to do. Then it's time to take down Vivi (who fights nothing like our old FFIX friend). He is extremely quick and hits HARD. He also picks up orbs as quickly as they drop. However, it's easy to stay out of his way so steal several of his orbs earlier on and then keep away til time runs out. After time runs out time stops for everyone else and the strangely behaving Vivi morphs into a Dusk. Take out the Dusks and then it's time for another boss - the fiery headed Axel.

HP: 105EXP: N/A

This first battle with Axel is really not too bad. Lock on to him and take him out. Make sure to have Guard on to block his attacks. If he kneels down attack quickly and get away to avoid the end of this attack. If he bursts in to flames get away until the flames die down. Just keep attacking until you take him down.

Following this battle, once things get back to normal, it's time for one final struggle match against FFV's Setzer. Setzer is not quite as fast as Vivi but much more agressive so staying out of his way is difficult but not impossible. Attack Setzer as much as possible early on to gain the upper hand. Don't get to comfortable because he's capable of closing distance quickly. For defeating Setzer you receive a Champion Belt as opposed to the Medal that you would have gotten if you'd lost.

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Day 5

Items: Ability Ring, Potion X2, Hi-Potion

Today Roxas and his friends decide to head across town to finish their independent study homework. They've decided to research the "Seven Wonders of Twilight Town." Head to Central Station and board a train to Sunset Station. Throughout this sequence you can talk to Pence at any time to look at his map of the wonders. Also, be aware that this is the first time Roxas can open item chests - see list above for items here.

Wonder 1 - You'll encounter the inconsistent step wonder upon your exit from the station here. Pence admits that Raijin was the one who encountered this mystery and he simply miscounted every time.

Wonder 2 - Continue from the train until you enter a new area. Follow the wall on the right and go through an arch on your right. Continue following the wall until you see Hayner looking down an alley. When you investigate you'll have to dodge the glowing orbs while running toward the wall at the end of the alley. Touch it to stop the flying orbs.

Wonder 3 - Continue past the alley to a tunnel on your right with a guy walking around the entrance. Go in and investigate. You'll find yourself facing many Vivi clones in combat. You have to defeat 14 of them but they only take a hit or two to kill.

Wonder 4 - Follow the tram tracks to their end where you'll find Olette looking at a fountain. Examine the fountain and defeat Shadow Roxas.

Wonder 5 - Climb up to Sunset Hill and examine the large bag by the trash cans. Chase it down and jump on it. Ride it around, dodging trash cans, until it runs out of stamina.

Wonder 6 - For this wonder you'll need to head back up to Sunset Hill. After a discussion with Seipher Roxas will spot the Ghost Train. But when he chases it to the station he finds that his friends couldn't see it.

Wonder 7 - On his own Roxas goes to investigate the mysterious girl on the second floor of the haunted mansion.

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Day 6

Items: Hi-Potion X3, Potion X3, Elven Bandana

Today is the day you enter the Old Mansion, however, things aren't going so well for Roxas. First of all his friends can't see him. Also, the Nobodies have infiltrated the town in force.

After this you meet up with Axel again. Before you can settle your differences you're forced to battle a new type of Nobody - the Assassin. Keep in mind you can't damage them when they're underground. This battle ends when you either defeat them all or Roxas' HP drops below 30 percent. Now head to the Old Mansion fighting Nobodies along the way.

Once here Roxas will unlock the door with the keyblade and a mysterious hooded guy guards your back while you enter the mansion. Pick up the items in the area and then investigate upstairs. Go to the room on the left first. This is Namine's room. After the scene save your game and go to the room upstairs on the right. Roxas will finish the drawing and the way to the basement is opened.

Explore through the basement rooms until you meet up with Axel yet again.

HP: 345EXP: N/A

Axel is SIGNIFICANTLY stronger this time round. Axel pulls out all the stops and Roxas produced TWO keyblades (you should recognize them as Oathkeeper and Oblivion from KH1). To start out just lock onto Axel and wail away at him. If he bursts into flame get back until he cools off. Beware of the arena walls because the flames can hurt you. Axel will also cover the floor in magma which slowly depletes Roxas's HP. After a bit Axel will jump out of the ring. Lock onto him and when he jumps back in use reaction commands. When Roxas successfully uses the reaction command called Fisher the screen will white out and Axel will be unconscious in the middle when things come back. Use this opportunity to take him down. The Get Bonus for this battle is +5 HP.

After this battle continue through the passageways until you reach the room with the huge flower bud.

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