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Item Synthesis

Once you get the Green Trinity ability after Deep Jungle you can activate the green trinity mark in the Accessory Shop - this provides access to the previously locked Synthesis shop. Here you’ll have the ability to turn normal items you’ve collected into rare, useful items. There are five lists of items to synthesize and for all but the first list you’ll need to synthesize a certain number of items from previous lists to unlock the next list. Here are the lists and what you’ll need to make the items:

List 1

Cottage2 Bright Shards, 3 Blaze Shards
Elixir2 Blaze Shards, 2 Frost Shards, 2 Thunder Shards, 4 Mythril Shards
Energy Bangle2 Power Shards, 1 Frost Shard
Power Chain2 Spirit Shards, 2 Power Shards
Guard Earring2 Spirit Shards, 1 Thunder Shard
Dark Ring2 Lucid Shards, 1 Bright Shard, 2 Mythril Shards

List 2 - Unlocks after 4 items synthesized

Mega-Potion1 Blaze Gem, 1 Frost Gem, 1 Thunder Gem, 2 Mythril Shards
AP Up3 Spirit Shards, 2 Spirit Gem, 3 Mythril
Angel Bangle3 Spirit Shards, 3 Power Shards, 3 Bright Gem
Magic Armlet3 Blaze Shards, 3 Frost Shards, 3 Thunder Shards, 2 Mythril
Golem Chain3 Power Shards, 1 Power Gem, 1 Lucid Gem
Master Earring3 Lucid Shards, 2 Lucid Gems, 2 Spirit Gem

List 3 - Unlocks after 10 items synthesized

Mega-Ether3 Blaze Gem, 3 Frost Gem, 3 Thunder Gem, 5 Bright Shards, 1 Bright Crystal
Defense Up5 Lucid Shards, 3 Lucid Gem, 1 Lucid Crystal, 1 Mystery Goo
Gaia Bangle5 Power Shards, 3 Power Gems, 1 Bright Crystal
Rune Armlet2 Blaze Gems, 2 Frost Gems, 2 Thunder Gems, 3 Mythril
Heartguard3 Spirit Shards, 3 Power Shards, 1 Power Crystal
Three Stars3 Blaze Shards, 3 Frost Shards, 3 Thunder Shards, 1 Orichalcum, 1 Shiny Crystal

List 4 - Unlocks after 15 items synthesized

Megalixir5 Bright Shards, 3 Bright Gems, 1 Bright Crystal, 1 Shiny Crystal, 2 Gales
Power Up5 Power Shards, 3 Power Gems, 1 Power Crystal, 1 Mystery Goo, 2 Orichalcums
Titan Chain5 Spirit Shards, 3 Spirit Gems, 1 Lucid Crystal
Atlas Armlet2 Shiny Crystals, 1 Mystery Goo, 3 Orichalcums, 1 Gale
Crystal Crown3 Lucid Crystals, 3 Power Crystals, 2 Shiny Crystals, 3 Bright Crystals
Ribbon5 Blaze Gems, 5 Frost Gems, 5 Thunder Gems, 3 Mystery Goo, 3 Gales

List 5 - Unlocks after 24 items synthesized

Ultima Weapon5 Lucid Gems, 5 Power Gems, 5 Thunder Gems, 3 Mystery Goo, 3 Gales

Now, a lot of items are hard to come by so it's helpful to know which Heartless drop which items. Here's a list of items and the enemies that drop them:

Blaze GemFat Bandit, Bandit
Blaze ShardRed Nocturn
Bright CrystalsDefender
Bright GemSearch Ghost
Bright ShardGreen Requiem
Frost GemSheltering Zone, Sea Neon
Frost ShardBlue Rhapsody
GaleInvisible, Angel Star
Lucid CrystalDarkball
Lucid GemWight Knight, Gargoyle
Lucid ShardShadow
Mystery GooWhite Mushroom, Rare Truffle, Black Fungus
MythrilBehemoth, Angel Star
Mythril ShardPot Spider, Behemoth, Barrel Spider
OrichalcumInvisible, Behemoth
Power CrystalWyvern
Power GemPirate, Battleship, Air Pirate
Power ShardPowerwild, Bouncywild
Shiny CrystalWizard
Spirit GemAir Soldier
Spirit ShardSoldier, Large Body
Thunder GemScrewdriver, Aquatank
Thunder ShardYellow Opera

Note: Mystery Goo is by far the hardest item to obtain. For help on getting it go to our Mushroom Guide.

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