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Class: Thief
Weapon: Thief Swords
Trance: Dyne - Use special attack abilities

Virtue - You don't need a reason to help people.

As a member of Tantalus, combination theatre troupe and thief guild, Zidane Tribal spends his days completing missions and flirting with pretty girls. That is until he gets the mission to kidnap one such pretty girl - Princess Garnet of Alexandria. As a member of Tantalus he has learned a sense of honor(when it comes to people, not necessarily goods) and he prizes teamwork. Zidane is a very passionate individual. This passion is what first reveals the Trance ability to him. His Trance abilities, powerful Dyne attacks, are Free Energy, Tidal Flame, Scoop Art, Shift Break, Stellar Circle 5, Meo Twister, Solution 9, and Grand Lethal


Class: White Mage/Summoner
Weapon: Rods, Rackets
Trance: Eidolon - Eidolon always appears when summoned

Devotion - Someday I will be queen but I will always be myself.

Garnet is the Princess of Alexandria and heir to the throne, but when her mother starts acting strangely she seeks for a way to run away. Fortunately for her a band of thieves already has plans to kidnap her. This pulls her into a strange adventure that will change the way she thinks and even how she acts. Her first step in this transformation is changing her name to Dagger after one of Zidane's weapons. Also, Dagger posesses strange powers. She is capable of summoning creatures to aid her in battle. Part of her quest will be uncovering the source of her powers.


Class: Knight
Weapon: Swords
Trance: Double attack power

Dilemma - Having sworn fealty must I spend my life in servitude?

Steiner is the ever dilligent captin of the Knights of Pluto. When he gets cought up in the kidnapping of his country's Princess Garnet he vows to bring her back home to Alexandria safely. He can see little beyond this goal . . . except perhaps for Alexandria's sensuous General Beatrix. His special skills include various sword abilities. Also, on the journey he comes up with the idea to combine Vivi's magic with his attack to create powerful magic sword attacks.


Class: Black Mage
Weapon: Staves
Trance: Double Black - use two black magic spells per turn

Sorrow - How do you prove that you exist . . ? Maybe we don't exist . . .

Vivi is a little black mage with a lot of power. He doesn't remember much of his life before he came to live with his grandfather. He came to Alexandria hoping to see Tantalus perform but got caught up in the action. Now he travels with Zidane and company trying to learn more about his past and who he really is. The source of Vivi's powerful black magic is unknown. Perhaps he will uncover that on his journey as well.


Class: Dragon Knight
Weapon: Polearms
Trance: Enhanced Jump - throws multiple spears when commanded to Jump

Despair - To be forgotten is worse than death.

Freya is a former Dragon Knight of Burmecia. She left her duty and kingdom in search of a lost loved one. She meets up with Zidane in Lindblum where news of troubles call Zidane's group to Burmecia. Freya's sense of past duty calls her back to her homeland. Perhaps she'll find who she was seeking on this journey. Freya posesses powerful Dragon Knight skills that consume MP but can be used even in places where magic use is blocked.


Class: Blue Mage
Weapon: Forks
Trance: Cook - Increased power to Eat an enemy

Indulgence - I do what I want! You have problem!?

Quina is a young Qu of the Mist Continent Marsh tribe. When Zidane comes to the marsh Quina's master, Quale, beseeches Zidane to take Quina with them. Quina must search the world over sampling new foods and becoming a better gourmand. Quina posseses the ability to Eat some enemies and learn their abilities. The more enemies Quina consumes the more powerful s/he will become.


Class: White Mage/Summoner
Weapon: Flutes, Rackets
Trance: Double White - use two white magic spells per turn

Solitude - I don't wanna be alone anymore . . .

Eiko Carol is the sole inhabitant (besides the moogles) of ancient Madain Sari, the village of summoners. All the inhabitants of her village have passed on and left her alone with only the moogles to keep her company. Though according to tradition she's still too young to leave the village when Zidane's crew stumble upon her she vows to help them even when it means leaving her village and tradition behind. As a summoner she can call Eidolons into battle to aid her like Dagger can. Perhaps there is a connection between them.


Class: Assassin
Weapon: Claws
Trance: Flair - increased power to Throw command

Arrogance - The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty.

Amarant is a world renown assassin hired to retrieve something from Dagger. When he is thwarted in this mission he becomes intrigued with Zidane's way of thinking. As a result he finds himself a part of Zidane's crew, though at any time he might leave. And maybe while he's learning about Zidane he'll learn a few things about himself. Aside from his regular abilities he has a powerful throw command. He can throw spare weapons as well as pinwheels, rising suns, and wing edges.

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