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The Elezen are the oldest of all the races in Eorzea and as such have something of a superiority complex. They are traditionally nomadic. Tall and long-limbed, they have extremely acute senses. There is ancient emnity between the Elezen and the Hyur because they saw the Hyur's immigration to Eorzea as an invasion. However, currently all but the Duskwight Elezen exist peacefully alongside the Hyur.


The Lalafell originated as an agricultural race native to the south-sea islands. When trade routes opened with Eorzea they found their way northward. They are now one of the more populous races. Though they are a diminuitive race, they are extremely agile and have great endurance. They are also sharply intelligent. Family is important to them and they maintain good relations with all the other races.


The Hyur have the largest and most diverse population. They migrated to Eorzea from surrounding areas in three large waves. With them they brought advanced technology and a broad range of customs and beliefs. The Hyur's greatest strength is their diversity and they are adamant champions of individuality. However, this independent spirit leaves them without unity as a race. The race is divided into the Highlanders and Midlanders.


The Roegadyn are a huge and powerfully built race. These mariners are a competitive race that unflinchingly face danger. Many live in Limsa Lominsa and the surrounding seas. Though they thrive at sea there are many Roegadyn mercenaries and toughs in addition to the traditional mariners and pirates. There also exists a small mountain clan in Ul'dah that focus on magical skills - they are known as the Hellsguard.


The Miqo'te, originally a tribe of hunters, migrated to Eorzea during an ice-age known as the Age of Endless Frost. These cat-like people are divided into two visibly different groups. Seekers of the Sun spend their lives in daylight but their opposites, the Keepers of the Moon, are nocturnal. They are an extremely isolated race and tend to avoid other races even when they live in populous areas.

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