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Final Fantasy XI is not your standard FF game; but instead a Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). You weave your own tale of adventure and life in the lands of Vana'Diel (along with a few hundred friends). Whether it is a life of swords, or magic; (or even both) you decide and live your own life.

MMORPG's leaves the choice to you in creating your own character. FFXI is available for the PC, PS2, and Xbox 360 but requires you to pay a subscription fee to play after the 30 day free trial. The game takes place entirely in the online world of Vana'Diel, meaning there is no single player game or plot as with other FF games. There is only you and every other FFXI player throughout the world seeking out your destinies.

PS2 - Japan: May 16, 2002; US: March 23, 2004; Europe: Sept. 16, 2004
PC - US: Oct. 28, 2003
Xbox 360 - Japan: April 18, 2006; US: April 18, 2006; Europe: April 20, 2006


Rise of the Zilart - Japan: April 17, 2003
Chains of Promathia - Japan: Sept. 16, 2004; US: Sept. 21, 2004
Treasures of Aht Urhgan - US: April 18, 2006; Europe: April 20, 2006
Wings of the Goddess - Japan: Nov. 22, 2007; US: Nov. 20, 2007; Europe: Nov. 22, 2007

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