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Flee. Flee the flames. That is all you can do. The fires burn, and there is nothing else you can do but run.

Run. Run, for the town of Fynn is no more. Your parents are dead, and there is nothing left you can do to save anyone. Run with as much strength as your legs will carry, and don't turn to look back.

Hide. Hide from the army of the Emperor that is spreading across the land of Palamecia. Take refuge in the safe hold of Altair, safe from the edge of the pretipice of destruction that threatens the entire land around you.

But where is there left to turn? What is left for you in this world? Family dead, friends missing, what else can you do but fight? And fight you must, to reclaim the lands stolen by the Emperor, to defeat the fiends summoned from another dimension. To bring peace back to a war torn world.

NES - Japan: Dec. 17, 1988
PS1 (Final Fantasy Origins) - US: April 8, 2003
GBA (Dawn of Souls) - Japan: July 29, 2004; US: Nov. 29, 2004; Europe: Dec. 3, 2004
PSP - Japan: June 7, 2007; US: July 24, 2007; Europe: Feb. 8, 2008
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