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Somethihng is coming.
Something stirs in the deep dark ruins of our previous forums. We're delving in deep to discover what remains and what COULD be. Stick around. Something good could come of this exploration. But what it is, and how good or bad it is we do not yet know.
31 Jul 2014 04:47 am by bdagger

Forums Down
As I'm sure everyone has noticed, the FFExodus forums are down. This will be longer than a temporary issue. Our guru is very busy and it may end up needing to be reformed from a fresh template. For questions and concerns the site e-mails are all functional.

The FFExodus Team
20 Jul 2013 03:42 pm by Quistis-chan

E3 Final Fantasy Reveals
E3 always brings happy Final Fantasy news and we've got two reveals for you. First, something that was suspected but never confirmed. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is going to see the light of day - rebranded as Final Fantasy XV.

And, the bombshell announcement that we weren't really expecting - Kingdom Hearts 3 (Finally!)

And, where will we find these lovely games? Although they were revealed at the Sony PS4 press conference it was announced this morning that they will also be coming to XBox One. At the Sony PS4 reveal earlier this year we were told that there would be a Final Fantasy exclusive for the system. Does this mean there is a as-yet-revealed Final Fantasy exclusive? Stay tuned for more information on that as E3 continues to unfold.
11 Jun 2013 05:28 pm by bdagger

Lightning Returns New Trailer and Release Date
Lightning Returns will release for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 February 11, 2014. It will be $59.99

06 Jun 2013 09:20 pm by Quistis-chan

Lightning Returns: New Extended Trailer and Screenshots
17 Jan 2013 05:16 pm by Quistis-chan

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